Monthly Archives: November 2009

Dream catching

Today I was honoured to receive the first ‘dream catcher wristlet’, a signature piece, designed by Wendy Dugan of Sanctus Stones, to enhance dream recall. One of the stones featured in the piece is prehnite, a pale green crystal with darker green streaks suspended below the surface, like seaweed. Nested amongst seed pearls, amethysts and

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Episode 33 The Dream Show: Dreams and the Law of Attraction

I am often asked about the Law of Attraction, and whether nightmares and dreams with negative vibes attract negative people and events into our lives. It’s a good question, and one I explore in today’s podcast, episode 33. The real secret to getting the Law of Attraction to bring you what you consciously want –

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Radio HotFM 95.7 Gravestone dream

I was interpreting dreams on Chippy and Step’s Morning Juice breakfast show on Radio HotFM WA 95.7 this morning. One of the callers was Rebecca, who had dreamed she was driving along their main highway and had reached the point where they’re building a new road. So far, everything in the dream was as it

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Backwards or forwards?

This morning, I sat in the bow end of a small speedboat, my back to the direction of travel, as we idled along a broad river. A perfect cooling breeze, a heavenly way to start the day. An elderly man sat on the riverbank, singing the boat into motion. This was a dream, of course.

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Max’s moustache

Sipping a a double shot espresso with Michael at Albertos this morning, I noticed our waiter’s Movember moustache. “Can’t wait to shave it off,” he confided. “Children look at me like I’m the scary kind of man their Mums have warned them about.” Never heard of Movember? The Movember Movement began in Australia and is

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And the winner is …

“My song has been nominated for an ISSA (Independent Singer Songwriter Association) award, open to public vote!” ran the excited email I received over the weekend from Phyllis A Travis, a Texas-based attorney and insurance adjustor, who has been applying dream alchemy to overcome her fear of going public in several areas of her life.

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