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About Jane Teresa Anderson, dream analyst

Jane Teresa Anderson

Jane Teresa Anderson by Lannie McTiernan Jan 2018

Jane Teresa Anderson BSc Hons is a dream analyst, dream therapist, writer, and mentor, living in Brisbane, Australia, consulting, training, and mentoring worldwide.

Books Jane Teresa Anderson Photo by Red Candy Creative Agency 2018Published by Hachette, Little Brown (Piatkus), Random House, and Harper Collins, Jane Teresa Anderson is the author of seven books. Her new book, The Dream Handbook, will be published in the UK by Little Brown (Piatkus) on 22 February 2018 and in Australia by Hachette on 1 February 2018. Jane Teresa is a frequent guest on national television, and an accomplished radio dream talk-back expert, interpreting callers’ dreams for more than 1,500 shows across commercial and ABC stations.

Jane Teresa also hosts a podcast series, The Dream Show, where she analyses guests’ dreams and shares dream interpretation tips and insights. The Dream Show began in 2009, reached episode 190 in early 2017, and continues to grow at the rate of one episode a month.

With an Honours degree in Zoology specialising in neurophysiology from the University of Glasgow, (graduating as Jane Teresa Newton), Jane Teresa has been researching dreams since 1992, and developing and teaching dream alchemy practices (exercises) that shift perspective and reprogram unconscious limiting beliefs. In early 2017 she established The Dream Academy as a platform to deliver her training courses online.

Jane Teresa’s approach to dream analysis, dream therapy, and dream alchemy is based on her independent research and on deep work with clients since 1992. For more about her approach and methodology – as well as an outline of the nature of dreams and dreaming – see the About Dreams page.

(For earlier bio, how it all began, scroll to end.)

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Jane Teresa’s books

The Dream Handbook
22 February 2018, Little Brown (Piatkus) UK
1 February 2018, Hachette Australia

Order The Dream Handbook

Dream Alchemy
2nd edition, 2007, Hachette Australia
1st edition, 2003, Lothian Books Australia

The Shape of Things to Come
1998, Random House Australia

Dream It: Do It!
1995, Harper Collins (Angus & Robertson) Australia
Also in Chinese

Sleep On It
1994, Harper Collins (Angus & Robertson) Australia
Also in Swedish

101 Dream Interpretation Tips
2007, inde-published

The Compass
2009, inde-published


Media appearances on television and radio include:


Channel Seven, Sunrise (nationwide);
Channel Nine, The Today Show (nationwide);
Channel Nine, Today Extra (nationwide);
– Frequent Guest, nationwide;
Channel Seven, The Morning Show (nationwide)
– Monthly Guest 2 years, nationwide;
Channel Nine, Mornings (nationwide);
Channel Ten, Studio 10 (nationwide);
Channel Seven, The Daily Edition (nationwide);
Channel Ten, Bert Newton’s Good Morning Australia
– Monthly Guest 2 years, nationwide;
Channel Nine, Brisbane Extra.

Watch recent videos (Today Extra) These can be viewed within Australia only

Today Extra 23 August 2017 Jane Teresa Anderson

Today Extra 3 Feb 2017 Jane Teresa Anderson 3

See more television video clips

Watch recent video (The Morning Show)

The Morning Show Seven 18 July 2016 Jane Teresa Anderson


This is a list of some of the radio stations where Jane Teresa has appeared on various shows over the years (mostly multiple times). In most cases her role is to interpret callers’ dreams and generally interact with live audiences. Jane Teresa always enjoys the spontaneity and immediacy of radio.

BBC Radio Five Live (UK)
Classic Hits 4FM (Dublin, Ireland)
Radio 1 UAE (UAE)
Q104-7fm, Ventura, (California USA)
RadioLIVE (New Zealand)

ABC 612 Brisbane
– including regular guest with Paul Lineham, 3 years;
– Chris Welsh, 1 year;
– Carolyn Tucker, 1 year;
– Spencer Howson, 2 years
ABC 702 Sydney
– including regular guest with Lisa Forrest, 1 year
ABC 3LO Melbourne
– including regular guest, 1 year
ABC 2CN Canberra
– including regular guest, 3 years
ABC Adelaide
ABC 720 Perth
ABC 105.7 Darwin
– including regular guest with Annie Gastin, 3 years
ABC 936 Hobart
– including regular guest with Peter Hughes, season
ABC South Australia
ABC Victoria
ABC North West
ABC Kimberley
ABC Queensland
– including regular guest with Ingrid Just, season
ABC NSW Statewide
ABC 1233 Newcastle
ABC Central West
ABC Sunshine Coast
ABC Tropical North
ABC triple j

The Night Show syndicate
– regular guest with Christo, season
4BC Brisbane
– including regular guest with Greg Carey, 2 years
3AK Melbourne
– including regular guest with Leigh Drew, 2 years;
– YvonneAdele and Annette Allison, season
3AW Melbourne
– including regular guest with Sally Cockburn, Dr Feelgood Show – syndicated – , season
2UE Sydney
2GB Sydney
2SM Sydney
2HD Newcastle
6PR Perth
2CC Canberra
FIVEaa Adelaide
– including regular guest with Daniel Norton, 2 years
4GR Toowoomba
3BO Bendigo
2BS Bathurst
8HA Alice Springs
Talking Lifestyle Radio (syndicated Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane)
Triple M Sydney
Triple M Adelaide
B105 Brisbane
Nova 919 Adelaide
Mix 101.1FM Melbourne
– including frequent guest with Brig and Lehmo, 1 year
Mix106.3 Canberra
Mix 106.5 Sydney
Gold 104.3 Melbourne
PowerFM South Australia
– including frequent guest with Powerpack Breakfast, 1 year
Star FM Griffith
Star FM Gippsland
Star 106.3FM Townsville
92.9 Perth
River 94.9FM Ipswich
SAFM 107.1 Adelaide
SEAFM 101.3
SEAFM 99.5 Cairns
KOFM Newcastle
NXFM Newcastle
92.7 MixFM Sunshine Coast
BayFM Geelong
KIIS 106.5FM The Thinkergirls


Print and digital media

Jane Teresa Anderson by Alanna McTiernan Jan 2018 x800

Jane Teresa is regularly interviewed for magazine and newspaper print and digital articles. Articles have appeared in many of the popular glossy magazines, including Cleo, Women’s Weekly, Woman’s Day, New Idea, Dolly, Muse Magazine, and Stella Magazine (Telegraph UK supplement). Digital articles include Huffington Post, News.com.au, Mamamia, The Glow, Brisbane Times, Sydney Morning Herald online, Australian Women’s Weekly online, DailyMail online, The Sun UK online, iNews UK, Startsat60, Mumsgrapevine, Vice.


iNews UK: How David Lynch mastered the art of dreams in Mulholland Drive

The Sun UK: What your nightmares really mean and what they say about your mental health

Startsat60: Interpreting readers’ dreams

Mamamia: My recurring dream was analysed by a dream therapist


How it all began

Jane Teresa:

The early years

Born in England in 1954, I graduated (as Jane Teresa Newton) from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, in 1975 with an Honours degree in Zoology, specialising in developmental biology. After a brief post graduate affair with neurophysiological research at London’s National Institute for Medical Research, I abandoned my PhD studies, along with several one-eyed experimental goldfish, and returned to Scotland. I wanted to work in a more personally meaningful way to communicate complex scientific ideas to the general public. In my wiser years, I am able to look back and smile at the symbolism that was lost on me at the time. The one eyed goldfish (if you’re squeamish or hold anti-vivisection views, please don’t ask!) symbolised the one-eyed perception of the research world I experienced back then.

I spent two years at Glasgow University’s Hunterian Museum as a Writer & Producer of travelling exhibitions. I learned writing and media skills on the job and was given a free hand in deciding on the subject material I wanted to put on the road. One exhibition, titled ‘Mermaids, Myths and Monsters’, gave me a taste of things to come when a scientist sets science alongside mythology to illustrate alternative perceptions of the same world.


The eighties: Travelling south

The next decade took in a mix of communication/science jobs and business including time off to live in Nigeria and Ecuador after the birth of my daughter, Rowan, in 1981, quickly followed by my son, Euan, in 1982. By 1984, we had moved to Australia, where my work began to settle in the direction of writing.


The nineties: Faith and frugality

By 1991 we had become Australian citizens. A colleague later pointed out that, as an English Winter Solstice child born on the longest of dark winter nights, I had travelled across the world to celebrate my birthdays on the longest of hot summer days. Symbolically, she offered, I was transforming the long darkness of the unconscious into the bright summer light. Symbolism permits the poetry of free expression, but science has its application too, so …

The dream research work began:

In 1992 I decided to move full time into self-funded dream research, an exercise in faith and frugal living that has been meaningfully fruitful and personally rewarding.

My first book, Sleep On It, was published by HarperCollins in 1994, by which time I was already established as a regular radio guest interpreting callers’ dreams, and the whole dream path has just flowed from there.

In 1998, just before my third book, The Shape of Things to Come, was published by Random House, I thought it might be a good idea to have a website. I imagined a website as an extended brochure about my books and my work, and a way for people to stay in contact and hear about my future books. Beyond that, I didn’t really know much about websites, their function, or how to create one. I had an email address, but did not use the internet, which was more or less the case with most people back then. I decided to plunge right in, regardless of my lack of knowledge. My publishers said they’d be happy to include my web address on the back cover of my book, and that they’d need that information within a couple of weeks. I had about seven weeks to get help in creating a website. It turned out to be a brilliant idea! By the time the book came out I had a six page website. Little did I know how much that would grow and where it would lead. And so a new millennium began.

Jane Teresa

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