Dream Consultation

Your dreams symbolically reflect where you’re currently at and why. I help you to understand the meaning of your dream or nightmare, gain fresh perspective and insight into your life, resolve issues, and improve your life at every level.

Consult me about your dreams and nightmares worldwide by PHONE or by EMAIL, or in BRISBANE, for intelligent, meaningful insight into your dreams and your life.

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Courses and Mentoring

I offer a range of courses, training, mentoring, and corporate services.

- Professional Dream AnalysisTraining -
- Dream Interpretation Course -
- A Personal Quest by phone -
- Mentoring by phone -
- Team Building Workshops -
- Speaking -
- Confidential Consultation -

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Lens flare or divine light?

“It’s lens flare,” says the scientist. “It’s synchronicity,” says the mystic. “It’s divine,” says the shaman. “It’s alchemy,” says the alchemist. “It belongs in the fifth chapter,” says the author. “Let’s see what my dreams make of this,” says the dream analyst. That’s me: scientist, mystic, shaman, alchemist, author, and dream analyst, though probably not

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Episode 182 The Dream Show: The alien and the cupcake

Melinda from Kansas is my guest with a frightening dream about an alien invasion. It seems she’s the only person who doesn’t trust the aliens, while everyone else believes they are friendly and here to help. When one of the aliens attacks her with an innocuous looking coat rack that turns into a weapon emitting

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