Dream Consultation

Your dreams symbolically reflect where you’re currently at and why. I help you to understand the meaning of your dream or nightmare, gain fresh perspective and insight into your life, resolve issues, and improve your life at every level.

Consult me about your dreams and nightmares worldwide by PHONE or by EMAIL, or in Brisbane, for intelligent, meaningful insight into your dreams and your life.

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Training and Mentoring

I offer a range of corporate, training, and mentoring services.

- Team Building Workshops -
- Speaking -
- Confidential Consultation -
- Mentoring by phone -
- Professional Training -
- Dream Interpretation Course -
- A Personal Quest by phone -

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Stay in touch with what’s new and what’s happening behind the scenes, with Jane Teresa’s Dream Sight News, emailed to you on the last day of each month.

More than just an email, Dream Sight News members get access to exclusive offers, a monthly dose of dream inspiration and learning, and that lovely feeling of staying connected with something you’re passionate about.

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Episode 173 The Dream Show: Dipping into dream alchemy

Why is it that we can experience things in our dreams that we haven’t experienced in our waking life? Like piloting a plane, levitating and flying without a plane, breathing underwater, feeling snakes slithering over our arms, or living as the opposite sex a few centuries back in time? How do these dreams relate to

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