Dream Alchemy course

Learn how to prescribe, create, and use dream alchemy exercises to powerfully transform your life

An e-learning video-based course with dream analyst, dream therapist, and author, Jane Teresa Anderson

 Dream Alchemy Online Course Jane Teresa Anderson

Reprogram unconscious limiting beliefs and blocks identified in your dreams (rewire your brain) to experience powerful positive results

I designed this course as a follow on from How to Interpret Your Dreams Step-by-Step. When you learn how to interpret your dreams, you discover any unconscious blocks or limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life. Sometimes awareness of your blocks is not enough to overcome them. The unconscious mind is very powerful and generally carries on regardless, often influencing your life in ways that are not really serving you well. The way to change this is to communicate directly with your unconscious mind to transform those beliefs and blocks, to get your unconscious mind working for you, not against you.

The way to do this is through dream alchemy practices – or exercises. Dream alchemy practices work by communicating with your unconscious mind using its unique language: the dream symbols it used to express itself in your dream. They reprogram your unconscious mind and rewire your brain for successful outcomes.

In the first course, How to Interpret Your Dreams Step-by-Step, you learned how to apply a simple and effective dream alchemy practice to rewire your brain. This course, Dream Alchemy, goes deeper, and offers you a variety of life-changing dream alchemy tools.

I made this course as practical and easy to follow as possible.

I designed a Dream Alchemy Prescription Chart for you to download and fill in for each dream as you follow my steps. In this course I take you through using your Dream Alchemy Prescription Chart to create unique and personal dream alchemy exercises that you can use to get straight to the heart of the matter: transformation. Doing dream alchemy changes your life in wonderful ways.

Sign up for the course and learn at your own pace. You get instant access so you can begin right now and revisit the course as many times as you wish over the years. Please note that you need to complete Course 1, How to interpret your dreams step-by-step, before beginning this course.


This course is for you if

  • You have completed Course 1, How to Interpret Your Dreams Step-by-Step.
  • You’re ready to build on your skills and use dream alchemy to reprogram your unconscious mind.
  • You’re excited to delve into the magic of creating dream alchemy to change your life in wonderful ways.
  • You’d like to build the skills to help family and friends move forward in their lives.
  • You want to become a professional dream therapist (to do my dream therapy course you need to have done this one).
  • You’re ready to use your dreams to strike personal and spiritual gold.


What you will learn

When you do this course, you’ll learn

  • The nature of alchemy and dream alchemy.
  • Why dream interpretation needs to be followed by dream alchemy for dreams that reveal unconscious limiting beliefs or blocks if effective positive change is desired.
  • How dream alchemy works.
  • The information you need to gather from a dream to prescribe dream alchemy.
  • How to fill in your Dream Alchemy Prescription Chart for any dream.
  • The tools you need to design and create effective dream alchemy.
  • Precisely how to design seven types of dream alchemy: visualisation, affirmation, artwork, writing, dialogue, bodywork, and give back the belief.
  • The different practical formulae for applying each of these seven types of dream alchemy.
  • What to expect when you apply dream alchemy: waking life signs.
  • What to expect when you apply dream alchemy: dreaming life signs.
  • How to keep records and track results.
  • The skills to prescribe, design, and create dream alchemy practices for your own dreams and for the dreams of others.
  • How to change your life in wonderful ways through doing dream alchemy.

Your course includes

  • More than 156 minutes of video instruction with Jane Teresa in twelve videos
  • Your Dream Alchemy Prescription Chart (pdf)
  • Manual (Course Notes) pdf: 13,700 words
  • Detailed page notes
  • End of course quiz
  • Certificate of completion

You are in safe, expert hands: I have been consulting professionally as a dream analyst and dream therapist for 25 years, and training students in dream therapy for two decades.


What people say

“All three of your courses (Dream Therapist Professional Level 1, Dream alchemy, and How to interpret your dreams) are wonderful! It’s amazing how simple but powerful your techniques are. I already had a copy of your Dream Alchemy book, which I read and enjoyed, but it has been powerful to watch the videos and apply the content as presented in this format. So glad I found you and your work!”
– Kim Teodori, Vibrational Sound Therapist, USA



AUD$450 (Australian dollars).
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Entry requirements: Please note that you need to complete Course 1, How to interpret your dreams step-by-step, before beginning this course.


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Dream Alchemy Online Course Jane Teresa Anderson

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Jane Teresa