Dream Consultation

Your dreams symbolically reflect where you’re currently at and why. I help you to understand the meaning of your dream or nightmare, gain fresh perspective and insight into your life, resolve issues, and improve your life at every level.

Consult me about your dreams and nightmares worldwide by PHONE or by EMAIL, or in BRISBANE, for intelligent, meaningful insight into your dreams and your life.

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Courses and Mentoring

- Online courses at The Dream Academy -
Video based instruction and written resources. Learn at your own pace.
- Professional Dream AnalysisTraining -
For clinicians and health professionals, by phone or in Brisbane
Click to see full range of courses, training, mentoring, and corporate services.

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Episode 188 The Dream Show: Questioning reality

We begin with our new theme music*, a change after almost eight years and 187 episodes with our original theme, and we end with announcing a new format that we’ll be introducing into the show, asking for your thoughts and inviting your participation. In between, we question reality, exploring what we can learn about reality

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