Courses and Mentoring

- Online courses at The Dream Academy -
Video based instruction and written resources.
Learn at your own pace.
A variety of courses for all levels:

'How to interpret your dreams step-by-step'
'Dream Alchemy'
'Dream Therapy Professional Levels 1 and 2'.

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Dream consultation

Consult me about your dreams and nightmares by phone worldwide, for intelligent, meaningful insight into your dreams and your life.

Your dreams symbolically reflect where you’re currently at and why. I help you to understand the meaning of your dream or nightmare, gain fresh perspective and insight into your life, resolve issues, and improve your life at every level.

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Listen to The Dream Show podcasts, read my books and blogs, sign up for my newsletter to stay in touch and learn dream interpretation tips.

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Dream medicine

Close your eyes, it’s late in the evening, and time for your dream medicine. Here we go, counting down now, ten, nine, eight, relaxing, floating deeply down, let the healing begin. No drugs required, but the prescription is clear: dream. Sometimes the medicine is sweet and tasty, a deliciously sensual dream gifting grace and restoration,

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Episode 191 The Dream Show: Dark to light

Rachel is my guest this episode, with a dream that gently uses symbolism and a safe space to begin to heal traumatic abuse from her childhood. Rachel is the last of our ‘email guests’, so you’ll hear our email conversation about the dream, its interpretation, the dream alchemy, and Rachel’s responses. Through our conversation, Rachel

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