Dream Consultations

Jane Teresa has been consulting as a dream analyst for 25 years, and celebrates 19 years consulting online.

Consult by phone or Skype, wherever you are in the world

I help you to understand the meaning of your dreams or nightmares, gain fresh perspective and intelligent, meaningful insight into your life, see solutions to problems, resolve issues,  and improve your life at every level. You will feel lighter, brighter, clearer as a result. Read testimonials.


Understanding your dreams. Consultations by phone with dream analyst Jane Teresa Anderson
Dream Consultation Dream Consultation 60 minutes
Ask me about a dream or nightmare confidentially from the privacy of your home by phone or Skype.
Dream Therapy Dream Therapy 12 sessions
For deep analysis and therapeutic, healing results. 12 one-hour sessions.
Explore Your Dreams Explore your Dreams 6 sessions
You and I explore and analyse your dreams: a relaxing, gentle, healing, uplifting experience which is all about you, your dreams, and your life. Six one-hour sessions.