Dream Therapy Professional Course

Professional Dream Analysis Training for clinical therapists with dream analyst and dream therapist Jane Teresa Anderson

Dream Therapy Level 1 course Jane Teresa Anderson

Certificate course in professional dream therapy, with Jane Teresa Anderson



Become a dream therapist

Build on the tools, techniques, and skills you learned doing Course 1 (How to interpret your dreams step-by-step) and Course 2 (Dream Alchemy) to become a professional dream therapist, working with clients to assist their healing and transformation using my methods and approaches.

Or add dream therapy to your existing skills as a practitioner

You may be a psychologist, psychotherapist, counsellor, health and wellbeing professional, life coach, mentor, holistic counsellor, naturopath, yoga therapist, social worker, or work in any field where you already offer counselling or therapeutic services and wish to extend your offerings and specialities to work more deeply with your current clients, expand your business, or enrich your continuing professional development (CPD).

Entry requirements

To study the Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 course, you need to first complete Course 1 and Course 2. (You are welcome to simultaneously enrol in all three courses but you must then complete the first two courses before beginning the dream therapy course work.)

Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 Certificate Course: learning and applying dream therapy techniques

  • 14 modules
  • 14 videos: more than 3 hours of viewing and instruction
  • Manual: download the 24,500 word course notes manual
  • The manual text is also in illustrated format online
  • Practical work: you will be guided through practising with 2-3 volunteer clients
  • Course Diary: download to record your practice and submit for certification
  • Certificate: awarded on successful completion as evaluated by your Course Diary (see notes below).

Practising with volunteer clients & keeping a Course Diary

During the course you’ll work with two or three volunteer clients (people you choose), and record your experiences and results in your Course Diary that you’ll submit to me when you complete the course. Your volunteer clients – friends or friends of friends – will receive the benefits of dream therapy through working with you as you practise the techniques, and will most likely be very happy to give you testimonials and talk up your services through word of mouth when you are ready to go into business.


Your certificate is awarded by me on successful completion, as evaluated by your Course Diary. If there are any sections of your Course Diary that I feel need more work, or more details, I’ll outline what you need to do to successfully resubmit. I’ll work with you to make sure you successfully complete. You will be proud of your certificate and the valuable skillsets it endorses. You can then begin in practice, promoting your skills and services as based on your study and certification with me, Jane Teresa Anderson.

Start date (begin at any time)

The course is self-paced, so you can begin at any time and take as long as you wish. The course launches on 30 October 2017.

Access to resources

When you enrol, you’ll gain immediate access to the course and all the resources. There is no time limit to complete this course, and you can revisit and access all the resources as often as you wish, even after you have been awarded your certificate. Access to all resources is immediate and ongoing.

Hours of study

Again, the course is self-paced, so you can begin at any time and take as long as you wish. As a guideline, you’ll probably need about 115 hours in total. This includes watching the videos, reading the manual, studying the theory, contemplation, preparation time for working with your volunteer clients, time spent working with your clients, record keeping after your client sessions, and writing up your Course Diary. You may find it takes a little less than 115 hours, you may need a little more, and you may wish to add in more time to contemplate and practise with your own dreams or with additional volunteer clients.

Professional Level 2 course

Once you have your Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 certificate you can begin in practice, promoting your skills and services as based on your study and certification with me, Jane Teresa Anderson. My approach is based on my independent research and on deep work with clients since 1992.

You may then wish to take your practice to a deeper level and gain your Level 2 certificate. In the Level 2 course you practise full dream therapy (fieldwork) with new volunteer clients, write and submit five assignments largely based on your fieldwork, and have five 60-minute phone mentoring sessions with me. There is no additional formal theory covered in the Level 2 course.


The Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 course is AUD$1100 (Australian dollars).
(See currency converter)

(This fee does not include How to Interpret Your Dreams, or Dream Alchemy, each of which are prerequisites for this course and are AUD$220 each full price, or less if you purchase a package at the store.)


When can you begin?

All courses are self-paced.

You can begin Course 1, How to interpret your dreams, followed by Course 2, Dream Alchemy, at any time. Enrol here.

Launching on 30 October 2017:

Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 and Dream Therapy Professional Level 2 courses both launch on 30 October 2017.

Professional Dream Analyst Training Enquiries

Please register your interest in hearing more about the Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 and 2 courses. Once I’ve received your enquiry, I’ll be in touch within a couple of business days to answer any questions you have. In the meantime, you can begin Course 1, How to interpret your dreams, at any time, and follow with Course 2, Dream Alchemy. Enrol here.