Have your dream interpreted on The Dream Show

Be a Guest on The Dream Show

Thank you for your interest in having your dream interpreted on The Dream Show.

Note: People often ask if a fee is involved. No, no fee. You are offering your dream to share with our listeners.

How it works

We record you and I talking about your dream by phone or Skype. We love welcoming our guests onto the show, and we know that our listeners deeply appreciate the opportunity to learn about how to approach their own dreams by listening to our guests sharing theirs. Our listeners also witness the whole process, as I hear your dream for the first time when we start recording. .

As a phone or Skype guest, the experience your end is that we arrange a day and time to phone you on your landline or connect with you by Skype (audio only, no cameras, as this helps preserve bandwidth for recording). We say hello, chat for a few minutes while we get everything set up, and then we hit the record key and begin. The recordings are done in one take, so the overall time you’ll need to set aside is 45-60 minutes.

Please fill in this form (which goes straight to me and is confidential) to express your interest in being a guest on the show, but don’t tell me about your dream! I prefer to hear the dream after we start recording – our listeners enjoy it more that way. I’ll reply by email within 2-3 business days.
Oh, and you must be over the age of 21 and, of course, have access to Skype or a landline phone.

  • The idea, on The Dream Show, is for me to know nothing about your dream before we start recording, so please use this space to say hello, but don't tell me about your dream. Thank you.