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I have just emailed Issue 200 of our monthly Dream Sight News out to our subscribers, and shared the article I wrote for our first issue, back on 11.11.1998. The story is old, but still true. I guess it’s the story behind my dream sight, my in-sight. I called the article I-Sight, and thought I’d

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Dream catching

Today I was honoured to receive the first ‘dream catcher wristlet’, a signature piece, designed by Wendy Dugan of Sanctus Stones, to enhance dream recall. One of the stones featured in the piece is prehnite, a pale green crystal with darker green streaks suspended below the surface, like seaweed. Nested amongst seed pearls, amethysts and

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What goes round comes round

If you want to understand the meaning of life, or see the mysteries of the universe revealed before your eyes, go to your local supermarket. Yesterday’s trip to our local Woolworths to buy some bread and fish – yes, how biblical – reminded me how stunningly the universe is revealed in the apparently mundane. “To

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