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Episode 139 The Dream Show: Dream interpretation made easy?

Where to begin when learning the art of dream interpretation? Is there a formula that can be applied to all dreams? One of the challenges I face in my public work – writing books, writing blogs, creating podcasts, doing radio, giving workshops – is how to make this complex subject easier to understand. I like

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Is this your life?

How often has your alarm clock saved you from a worrying dream you thought was real? What a relief to wake into your everyday life, where all the quandaries and confusions of the dream evaporate and leave you free to get on with your day! You may have spent all night trying to catch that

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Spot the belief

Had a tough day? Ready for a spot of light relief, a bit of fun, a dream interpretation game that’s easy to do yet powerfully insightful? You may never look at your dreams in the same way ever again. It’s called Spot the Belief. This is what to do: For each of the following dreams,

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Nipple worms & radio experts

“I dreamed that a two inch worm wriggled out of my nipple,” said Kerry, who called a radio breakfast show where I was interpreting dreams. Parasites seemed to be the order of the day, as I had just helped Brig, one of the presenters, understand her dream of picking lice from a sports star’s hair. Lice

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Dream interpretation: Theme alchemy

No, it’s not a drunken, lisped take on ‘dream alchemy’. It’s a way of reading across your dreams, instead of considering each dream individually. It helps you to find light when you need it most. Here’s an example from my life. It’s the story of three waves. Once upon a time, I had three dreams

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