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Thank you for your appreciation of The Dream Show and your interest in discovering more about our vision and how you can help us to continue this work.

Our vision back in early 2009 was to create and develop The Dream Show as an ongoing, continually expanding, free resource designed to help anyone who can understand English and get online anywhere in the world to acquire the skills they need to gain deep self-understanding and healing through working with their dreams.

About 70% of the podcasts feature guests who volunteer to come onto the show to ask about a dream. The other podcasts feature entertaining, educational, and inspirational information about how to understand dreams and apply dream alchemy to create meaningful positive change. (Listen to all episodes here or on iTunes or via your smartphone or tablet podcast app.)

I know, from emails I receive, that many of our listeners are in hardship, and have found this resource helpful in finding new and rewarding ways to meet challenges and enjoy fresh and practical perspectives through understanding their dreams.

I also know, from emails I receive, that many of our regular listeners use the resource for deep study, both of the self, and of the art, science, and practice, of dream analysis and dream therapy.

This whole body of work is also a valuable, freely accessible, in-depth resource for practitioners and therapists worldwide.

We celebrate 9 years in May 2018 – we reached episode 200 in February 2018 – and we’re continuing to build the resource with the addition of a new episode every four weeks.

All images used for The Dream Show (as well as for all the blog articles on this site) have been purchased from Canstockphoto.com, or diligently sourced from generous ‘creative commons zero’ sites such as unsplash.com and gratisography.com, or from other sources which we believe to be freely available to use in this manner, or commissioned via photoshoots. These images have then been individually photoshopped and blended to create the headers.

Our theme music, from episode 188 on, was composed by Euan Gray.

Thousands of hours of preparation and production, as well as financial resources, have been dedicated to creating, developing, building, and maintaining this entire podcast collection, and this input is ongoing.


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Support The Dream Show You can help us build this resource by volunteering to be a guest on a future episode.

Support The Dream Show You can help us meet the costs of building and maintaining this enormous resource by buying one or more of my ebooks or online courses.

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