And the winner is …

And the Winner Is ...

“My song has been nominated for an ISSA (Independent Singer Songwriter Association) award, open to public vote!” ran the excited email I received over the weekend from Phyllis A Travis, a Texas-based attorney and insurance adjustor, who has been applying dream alchemy to overcome her fear of going public in several areas of her life.

A fear she has clearly overcome and she has invited me to share some details with you.

Now in her fifties, Phyllis has been writing songs and music all her life, but shied from public performance for fear of judgment. When she was a young adult her church informed her, “you can’t be gay and serve god.” Add the deep trauma she experienced at the age of six, when a bomb was thrown into her school playground, killing many of her classmates, leaving her searching through the wreckage for her brother, and you’ll have some feel for the challenges Phyllis has faced. There were more. And that is all in the past now.

So here’s Phyllis, three years into her dream alchemy, having written 50 songs, 300 poems, and 2 books in that time, and, with four recent stage performances under her belt, now enjoying being a confident performing singer-songwriter. She is about to launch a new website –  – taking her music, books, faith and dream analyst skills public in a big way.

Phyllis says the key was to let go of fearing other people’s judgment, and the realization that it was her own fear that was keeping her from going forward.

Once she knew that, the dream alchemy practices I set for her opened the way.

Thanks Phyllis, for sharing your story, and congratulations on your nomination!

Listen to Phyllis’s nomination-winning song, Sawdust Sunlight(Click ‘audio’ tab to see the playlist.) And cast your vote for Phyllis.

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  1. Phyllis A Travis

    And the Winner Is … Update 2010

    November 5, 2010 – Houston, TX
    Singer-Songwriter Travis Gets OUTMusic Foundation “Nod”

    On November 1, 2010, at the OUTMusic Awards press conference held in Los Angeles, CA, Phyllis A Travis’s song, “Troubadour of Woes (Oh Peggy, My Love)” was nominated for the prestigious OUTMusic foundation’s OUTstanding Love song of the year. One of five nominees, winners will be revealed at the OUTMusic Awards ceremony in NYC on December 1st, 8 PM, ET, along with winners in all other categories.

    I have it on very high authority, says Travis, this is a First Class event, worthy of tux:)

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