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Dream catching

Prehnite: Deep rememberings

Prehnite: Deep rememberings

Today I was honoured to receive the first ‘dream catcher wristlet’, a signature piece, designed by Wendy Dugan of Sanctus Stones, to enhance dream recall.

One of the stones featured in the piece is prehnite, a pale green crystal with darker green streaks suspended below the surface, like seaweed. Nested amongst seed pearls, amethysts and other gems and stones, the prehnite has kept drawing me in all day.

Staring into its depths reminded me of a childhood dream, and that got me scuttling back to the first Dream Sight article I wrote on 11/11, 1998 – 11 years ago! You’ll see why when you read it (below)!

I have to smile, because I had forgotten that prehnite is the Stone for Dreaming and Remembering, so that dream catcher wristlet is already working its magic.

Here it is:

“I was intrigued by the team of white-coated people who arrived at our Infant School one week, calling on each class in turn to line up outside the Head’s Office and read letters from a chart propped against the wall. Special children came away with envelopes addressed to their parents. I was five years old, and I hoped I would be special enough to take home one of the envelopes. As the days passed I heard that the visitors had come to test our eyesight and that the letters were for those singled out to wear glasses. My wish escalated: oh, wouldn’t I be really special if Mum and Dad had to take me to choose glasses!

I guess I must have wished pretty hard for a five year old, because by the time I got to the front of the line I couldn’t see the big letter at the top of the chart and I’ve worn glasses or contact lenses ever since.

It was a revelation to me a few weeks after taking home the precious envelope to discover that houses were made of bricks all the way up to their roofs, rather than being brick near the ground and then a kind of reddish smudge the rest of the way up. Trees grew leaves to replace the green clouds that had floated around them, and the night sky was neatly scattered with precise pin-point designs instead of huge, glaring, intermingling white blurs.

I wonder if it was then that my dreams opened stunning new vistas – worlds beyond worlds and worlds within worlds? My previous babyhood dreams of being threatened by wolves or finding myself waist deep in snake pits gave way to a recurring dream of mirrored lakes which, if I laid on the ground and looked sideways in a special way, revealed their hidden depths teeming with tropical fish. In those dreams I used to plead with everyone to look at the water in my special way, to take my sideways look at the magnificence that thrived below the surface of an English lake where the presence of tropical fish, to the uninitiated, was merely a ridiculous fantasy. No-one ever looked.

Now I can see, with or without the aid of my glasses, that in the same moment that I was a child needing to feel special and loved for who I was beyond the surface, I needed to learn that the world did indeed have depth of meaning. My short sight became a blessing enabling me to experience a different view, to see different perspectives and to have faith that what may seem confusing one day can leap into clear focus the next. Through short sight I learned INsight – I learned to see within. ”

[Copyright Jane Teresa Anderson, Nov 1998. First published as a Dream Sight article titled ‘I Sight’.]

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Who would have thought?

Who would have thought?

Episode 119 The Dream Show Chinese goldfish

Chinese goldfish

Episode 33 The Dream Show: Dreams and the Law of Attraction

Your unconscious mind wins in the battle of the vibes

The battle of the vibes

Episode 33 of our free weekly podcast, The Dream Show, is now up. Listen here or on iTunes.

I am often asked about the Law of Attraction, and whether nightmares and dreams with negative vibes attract negative people and events into our lives. It’s a good question, and one I explore in today’s podcast, episode 33.

The real secret to getting the Law of Attraction to bring you what you consciously want – and this is overlooked by just about everyone teaching LOA methods – is to get your unconscious mind on side. Why? Because your unconscious mind is far more powerful than your conscious mind.

For example, you might choose to focus on sending out a positive vibe about money all day. You spend all day doing this, feeling totally positive and good about it. As far as you are aware, you have absolutely no block to having vast amounts of money in your life. However, your unconscious mind may have a different agenda.

You may have unconscious doubts, limiting beliefs and blocks about having so much money.

Because your unconscious mind is stronger than your conscious mind, it wins in the battle of the vibes. You don’t see the results you wanted and you declare the LOA to be a crock. But it isn’t. The LOA is working for you perfectly. Your overall vibe, dictated by your unconscious mind, is attracting according to the law. You are receiving according to the vibe you are giving out.

Dream interpretation identifies your unconscious beliefs, so you can easily pick the ones that are working against your conscious wishes. Interested to find out more?

Listen here (episode 33).

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Time out

Dream vibrations and the LOA

Dream vibrations and the Law of Attraction

Radio HotFM 95.7 Gravestone dream

Radio HotFM 95.7 talking dreams with Chippy and Steph this morning

Radio HotFM 95.7 talking dreams with Chippy and Steph this morning

I was interpreting dreams on Chippy and Step’s Morning Juice breakfast show on Radio HotFM WA 95.7 this morning.

One of the callers was Rebecca, who had dreamed she was driving along their main highway and had reached the point where they’re building a new road. So far, everything in the dream was as it is in waking life.

But then she noticed there were lots of gravestones lining the highway near where the new road departed from the old.

She particularly noted that these weren’t like the small crosses and flowers people place to mark where people have died in road accidents. These were substantial stones, like you see in graveyards.

It was clear from Rebecca’s dream that she was about to depart on her own ‘new road’ of some kind, whether that was a new job, new relationship, new attitude, or any other major new change, but her dream showed that there are things to lay to rest before she can really take that new road.

New beginnings require endings. We can’t begin a new attitude without ending the old attitude. We can’t begin a new relationship without ending an old one – well, we try, sometimes, but it doesn’t really work out well, does it?

Often we are so keen to move onto the new, that we neglect to ‘say goodbye’ to the old, or to simply take time to reflect on the past so we can let go. When we rush too quickly into the new, unresolved issues from the old can haunt us.

Rebecca confirmed that she was on the move. She had just finished studying and was taking new steps in life, and confirmed that there have been some big issues to deal with before she can really move forward.

Dream interpretation is step one. Next comes dream alchemy. I suggested this dream alchemy practice for Rebecca:

Write an inscription, as if for a gravestone, for each issue or ‘old way’ that you need to put to rest. A few words, or a longer eulogy. A loving goodbye, with thanks for lessons learned along the way. Then lay them to rest, release, let go.

What changes are you embracing in your world? Might a little alchemy smooth the way?

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Navigating changing times

Episode 78 The Dream Show Dreams of death

Dreams of death

Backwards or forwards?

Sometimes you need to go backwards to go forwards

Sometimes you need to go backwards to go forwards

This morning, I sat in the bow end of a small speedboat, my back to the direction of travel, as we idled along a broad river. A perfect cooling breeze, a heavenly way to start the day.

An elderly man sat on the riverbank, singing the boat into motion. This was a dream, of course. As his song picked up energy, the boat picked up speed, until we were flying so fast through the water that I held onto my seat to steady my body, though I knew I was really at the mercy of his song.

I looked behind me and saw that we were about to enter a wide tunnel, the ocean glinting on the other side. There was nothing to do but relax my back against the bow and trust the singer and the song to fly me through. And he did.

I woke up and immediately thought, ‘Sometimes you need to go backwards to go forwards.’

So true.

Yesterday I had been trying to do something technical on the internet and it just wasn’t working. Things seemed to conspire: the connection went slow, some code got lost, other priorities emerged, the site I needed to access was closed for maintenance.

“It’s like two steps forward, three backwards,” I was heard to proclaim at a low ebb, forgetting the law of vibration, the law of attraction.

I gave up. Went and did some yoga. Got ‘in tune’ and ‘back in the flow’, and when I went online again I saw a much better solution to what I was trying to achieve in the first place. I was so glad my earlier efforts had been thwarted, that I had been saved from doing the technical thing in a long, complicated way instead of in a short, simple, much better way.

I had needed to go backwards, to go forwards.

Somewhere, at the back of my mind, out there on the riverbank of my unconscious, a wiser part of myself knew a better way forward. Once I tuned in and trusted the flow, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Dreams reflect the last day or two, and update our personal understanding of the world. Mine did this.

Sometimes you need to go backwards to go forwards. Has this ever happened for you?

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Life lessons

Life lessons

It can’t be that hard

It can’t be that hard

It’s a what?

Or was it a set of bagpipes?

Or was it a set of bagpipes?

He was tall and rivetingly handsome, striding towards the ocean, wearing a new, seafaring sweater and carrying something under his arm. What was it, an inflatable raft?

“What’s that?” I asked, pointing to the raft. Or was it a set of bagpipes?

He looked bewildered, as was I by now, but an old lady behind me coughed up, “It’s an urggg, urggg, urgggg …”

What was going on?!

She struggled on, a kind of phlegmy stutter, getting worse.

“It’s a kkkhhrrrkk, kkkhhrrkk, kkkkkkkkkkkyakyakyak.”

As I turned to look at her, I woke up and saw the source of her guttural utterances: the dog we’re minding was splayed out on her back beside the bed, snoring like a ten ton hippopotamus, “kkkhhrrkk, urgg, yak, yak, yak.”

Sounds, smells, lights and other stimuli from our sleeping environment often get absorbed into our dreams, challenging our dreaming minds to incorporate them into the dream storyline in a way that makes sense. A squeaky overhead fan once made it into one of my dreams as a screeching witch, while a biting mosquito transformed into a hypodermic syringe.

I wonder how long that dog had been snoring? Some time, I bet, given my struggle, in the dream, to name the mystery object: an inflatable raft and a set of bagpipes are both airbags, and that handsome dream man was carrying them exactly where lungs belong, under his arm. It’s the job of our dreams to make sense of our world, and mine did pretty well, linking snoring with lungs. Maybe I can catch up with the tall, rivetingly handsome man tonight.

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Inception – Can you control a dream

Episode 61 The Dream Show The brain’s mind

The brain’s mind

Episode 32 The Dream Show: Disturbing dreams

Episode 32 of our free weekly podcast, The Dream Show, is now up.

First up, a dark and deeply disturbing dream about molesting a young girl, and the relief the dreamer felt when he discovered what the dream was really about.

Then we switch into practical mode with a time-saving, easy dream interpretation method. It’s so simple, takes hardly any time, and yet is deeply rewarding.

Don’t miss this one! Listen to episode 32.

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Do nightmares affect health?

Dream symbols The personality question

The personality question


a is for ...

a is for …


“Oh, that’s good, I like that,” chuckled Michael, indicating the car in front of us as we were driving home yesterday. “Angst is attitude.”


“Angst is attitude.”

“A new angle to an old twist, an appealing je ne sais quoi,” I agreed, appealing to my je ne sais quoi for an explanation. (What on earth was he referring to?)

“Bumper sticker! Angst is attitude!” Michael persisted.

And there it was, a bit road grimy, a bit road torn, a bumper sticker on the car we were following, “Angel is attitude.”

“Angel – not angst – angel!” I laughed, digging him in the ribs. “It’s got a figure of an angel under the saying, see? Wings, she’s got wings.”

Maybe Michael needs new glasses, but, wait, what’s that I see on the bumper of the car parked across the street as I write this? “Attitude is in the eye of the beholder.” Or maybe I’m just seeing things.

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Your tune

Your tune

It’s a what?

It’s a what?

Max’s moustache



Sipping a long black (that’s a double shot espresso coffee, dear American readers) with Michael at Albertos this morning, I noticed our waiter’s Movember moustache.

“Can’t wait to shave it off,” he confided. “Children look at me like I’m the scary kind of man their Mums have warned them about.”

Never heard of Movember? The Movember Movement began in Australia and is now worldwide. Men who participate don’t shave their moustaches for the entire month of November as a fundraiser and awareness campaign for men’s health, notably prostate cancer and depression.

“Or I feel like I should be serving coffee to a 70s soundtrack,” he added.

A memory percolated from 1981. I was sitting in the one and only cafe on a small Nigerian campus where we were living at that time. My daughter, Rowan, nine months old, was seated on my lap staring at Max, one of the very few Caucasians around. Max was bald, and sported a moustache and bushy beard to compensate.

Rowan stared, and stared, puzzled, then slowly tilted her head to one side as far as she could, until she was almost viewing Max from upside down.

Suddenly I got it. She hadn’t seen a bald and bearded man before and she must have figured he had his head on upside down. In her whole nine months of life experience, hair belonged on top of the head, bare skin belonged on the chin. She was just trying to make sense of her world.

Michael and a long black at Albertos

Michael and a long black at Albertos

Isn’t it interesting that when we meet something new, we first try to make it fit with what we already know? It’s human nature, in waking life, and in our dreams which are all about processing our latest experiences and trying to make sense of them.

If Movember had passed you by before you read today’s blog, how quick were you to think I’d made a typo in my opening sentence, meaning to type November? Or did you read it as November anyway, making the word fit with what you already knew?

How can you look at the world in a different way today? Maybe start with a new view of men’s health.

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What if?

What if?

And the winner is …

Phyllis A Travis, singer-songwriter nomination. Started with a dream ...

Phyllis A Travis, singer-songwriter nomination. Started with a dream …

“My song has been nominated for an ISSA (Independent Singer Songwriter Association) award, open to public vote!” ran the excited email I received over the weekend from Phyllis A Travis, a Texas-based attorney and insurance adjustor, who has been applying dream alchemy to overcome her fear of going public in several areas of her life.

A fear she has clearly overcome and she has invited me to share some details with you.

Now in her fifties, Phyllis has been writing songs and music all her life, but shied from public performance for fear of judgment. When she was a young adult her church informed her, “you can’t be gay and serve god.” Add the deep trauma she experienced at the age of six, when a bomb was thrown into her school playground, killing many of her classmates, leaving her searching through the wreckage for her brother, and you’ll have some feel for the challenges Phyllis has faced. There were more. And that is all in the past now.

So here’s Phyllis, three years into her dream alchemy, having written 50 songs, 300 poems, and 2 books in that time, and, with four recent stage performances under her belt, now enjoying being a confident performing singer-songwriter. She is about to launch a new website –  – taking her music, books, faith and dream analyst skills public in a big way.

Phyllis says the key was to let go of fearing other people’s judgment, and the realization that it was her own fear that was keeping her from going forward.

Once she knew that, the dream alchemy practices I set for her opened the way.

Thanks Phyllis, for sharing your story, and congratulations on your nomination!

Listen to Phyllis’s nomination-winning song, Sawdust Sunlight(Click ‘audio’ tab to see the playlist.) And cast your vote for Phyllis.

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Healing with dream alchemy

Healing with dream alchemy

The Rooftops enjoying some 'Clean Dirt'

Love comes so easily

Episode 31 The Dream Show: Destiny or free will?

Episode 31 of our free weekly podcast, The Dream Show, is now up.

A man dreamed of five tornadoes ripping through a calm lake, and he believed his dream to be prophetic, a warning of financial loss. Was the dream prophetic? What did he do, on waking from his dream?

How should we respond when we feel a dream is giving us a warning?

Today’s episode looks at the choices we make, based on our beliefs, and explores other wise choices we might make instead.

There’s also a bit of a laugh in the story of the Men in Black and how they helped Michael, in a dream, to look at life in a different way.

Beliefs, choices, changes, and how to be ‘other’ wise.

Listen to episode 31.

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The right question

That reminds me

That reminds me