Monthly Archives: April 2010

Episode 54 The Dream Show: Resurrection & birth

Angela is my guest with a dream she had last week while her mother was receiving chemotherapy. In the dream, her mother became well in a scene akin to a resurrection, and Angela gave birth to a baby but worried that she wasn’t prepared emotionally for motherhood. The measurements of the baby were given: 19.5,

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Episode 52 The Dream Show: Moving forward

This episode is about moving forward, freed by alchemy. When you do alchemy, your dreams reflect the deep changes. Of course, you’ll notice changes in your waking life – some subtle, but hugely powerful, some more dramatic – but it’s always exciting to see confirmation of the changes in your dreams. One of the first

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Dream interpretation results: Jennifer’s news, episode 47

Here’s an update from Jennifer, my guest in podcast episode 47, The Dream Show. Jennifer, a naturopathic physician, dreamed she was a contestant in a TV Top Model reality show, wondering whether she’d be eliminated in the final round. If you’ve listened to episode 47 (listen here), you’ll remember that Jennifer’s degree is in a

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