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That Reminds Me Jane Teresa Anderson Dreams

Have you heard the old expression, ‘That broke my dream’?

Breaking a dream was considered a sign of good luck. It meant something came up during the day that reminded you of your dream the night before.

So, if you’d dreamed of a cow wearing a pink bell around its neck, and the next day you were flicking through a magazine and noticed a picture of a pink bell, you’d say, “That broke my dream!”

Or if you’d dreamed of an old friend, and that friend phoned you the next day, you might say, “You broke my dream!”

Today we might call these synchronicities, serendipities, or precognitive dreams, depending on how amazed we feel by the event.

In the old-fashioned sense, though, even an everyday event like putting on the kettle – the same old kettle you put on every morning – could break your dream if it suddenly reminded you of a dream you had completely forgotten until that moment. “Oh,” you might say, “I’ve just remembered a dream I had last night! A genie appeared from the spout of my kettle!”

Given that it’s unlikely that a genie will actually appear from your kettle in waking life, this is not a synchronicity or a precognitive dream. So, what does it mean if this happens to you, and what good luck can it bring?When someone or something breaks a dream that you had already remembered and recorded in your journal, go back and look at your interpretation again, really focussing on that symbol. The event gives it extra significance.

When a dream you had not recalled suddenly flashes into your memory, take careful note of the ‘break’-through event that tripped your recall. Ask what you were feeling, or what issue was unfolding for you at that moment.

Your dream was probably dealing with that feeling or issue. The waking life feeling or issue resonated with the same feeling or issue in your dream, and brought back the memory.

What good luck! You can return to interpret your dream, confidently knowing the subject matter. If the ‘break’-through event was contentious, you also know your dream holds the key – the breakthrough – to handling that kind of situation in the future. Who needs a genie, especially when you are fast becoming your very own dream-genie through using these dream tips?

[Extract from 101 Dream Interpretation Tips, Jane Teresa Anderson]

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  1. Katharina Reply

    It’s funny that you write about breaking dreams today (an expression which is new to me, even if the phenomenon isn’t). 2 nights ago I was dreaming about buying property (just the land)…in the background was a very odd shaped house (hexagonal shape) which was not part of the property and didn’t bear any significance in my dream (so I thought). One night later, as I was flicking channels on TV, I came across a show in which the exact shape of this house was featuraed!

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