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Dream medicine

Close your eyes, it’s late in the evening, and time for your dream medicine. Here we go, counting down now, ten, nine, eight, relaxing, floating deeply down, let the healing begin. No drugs required, but the prescription is clear: dream. Sometimes the medicine is sweet and tasty, a deliciously sensual dream gifting grace and restoration,

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As above so below

As above, so below. As within, so without. What do these ancient sayings mean to you? Legend has it that Hermes Trismegistus inscribed these words, in Phoenician, on The Emerald Tablet, somewhere between 1,200 and 38,000 years ago. Yes, you did read those dates correctly. No, no-one knows where the tablet is now, or whether

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The world is

Finish this statement using just one word: “The world is …” Maybe your word was big, or round, or polluted, or over-crowded, or dying, or abundant, or hopeful, or breathing, or alive, or beautiful, or exciting, or changing. You would probably choose a different word on a different day, or at a different hour, depending

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Episode 134 The Dream Show: Alchemy for all seasons

You’ve heard a lot from me about the healing power of dream alchemy, but can alchemy techniques be used for healing or personal development outside the realm of symbolic dreams? To set the scene and remind you what dream alchemy is, there’s the story of a dream alchemy visualisation I did for one of my

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