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Rose Alchemy Jane Teresa Anderson Dreams

“Our relationship has blossomed into something better than it was before,” says Ann, sharing her progress since having her dream interpreted in episode 82 of  The Dream Show three months ago.

Ann had dreamed of birds trapped in her home after getting in through broken blinds, unable to find their way out again. When we looked deeply at the dream, Ann saw that the birds represented her feelings of vulnerability over a family issue and decisions about how much to make public and how much to keep private. In her dream she feared the birds would be hurt if they stayed inside, reflecting her conflicts over how much (of her hurt) to keep inside, unexpressed.

For a dream alchemy practice, I suggested Ann do a dialogue with the trapped birds, giving her unconscious mind an opportunity to reveal more and – as is the purpose of all dream alchemy dialogues – to find a healing resolution.  The dialogue identified panic as an issue that could easily lead to feelings of hurt. A win:win solution was negotiated. The birds revealed they needed Ann to have courage to lift the ‘blinds’ so they could see inside before returning outside.

So what were the practical outcomes of Ann’s dream alchemy?

Two months later, Ann had another dream with a similar theme.

“I was on the side of the bed that is next to the window. I noticed that there was a vine from a rose bush growing inside the house. The vine was just like a rose stem only longer. It grew from a small hole in the screen at the top of the window down almost to the floor, 4 or 5 feet. On the stem were many many black, sharp, rigid thorns.

I thought to myself that I really don’t want this stem growing in the window from outside. Then I thought I would check and see if any roses were blooming on the end of the stem. Sure enough there was one large, fully blooming pink rose. It was big and full and a pale pink color.”

Ann shared her interpretation:

“About 4-5 months ago a very large challenge to the health of my marriage happened. I think this is represented by the vine growing in the bedroom. It has been a path of growth but also with challenges represented by the thorns. The rose at the end represents the conversation the night before the dream when DH shared his growing feelings of lightness and hope for a brighter future. Our relationship has blossomed into something better than what it was before.”

The similarity of theme between this new dream and the trapped bird dream links this progress to the original alchemy. Ann freed the trapped birds by having the courage to look within some more, without panic, and then let go, and in doing this, her waking life relationship shifted into something much better.

Ann chose a new dream visualisation:

“I visualize planting another rose bush outside the house. It is a traveling vine bush but with less thorns. And the thorns will be softer and a reddish green color – the color of other growing stems. The birds greet me with singing and joy that they were able to observe and keep an eye on things in the bedroom during their visit. I take out the screen to the bedroom so the vine can grow uninhibited into the bedroom window. And there will be many many more sweet smelling big pink roses blooming all the time.”

Alchemy is the process of transforming life’s perceived difficulties (base metal) into spiritual wisdom and shining waking life results (gold).

Congratulations, Ann, on the blossoming of your rose gold alchemy.

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Who would have thought?


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