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Episode 168 The Dream Show: Grandmother’s bones

Gay is my guest with a dream about going into a dark cave to look for her grandmother’s bones, discovering, to her delight, American Indian cave drawings, following these deeper into the darkness, only to be led to a terrifying demon. At this point Gay tried to wake up from her dream, but she was

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Understanding children’s dreams

“I have a three year old patient who is having vivid nightmares of things he has never seen or experienced, like children trapped in a large hole, or something very violent like killing. He has never seen anything violent or scary, or had experiences of these.” I received this enquiry last week. The practitioner asked

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Rose alchemy – update from Ann, ep 82

“Our relationship has blossomed into something better than it was before,” says Ann, sharing her progress since having her dream interpreted in episode 82 of  The Dream Show three months ago. Ann had dreamed of birds trapped in her home after getting in through broken blinds, unable to find their way out again. When we

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