Episode 82 The Dream Show: Trapped birds

Episode 82 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Ann, my guest this episode, had a dream about birds trapped in a room, unable to fly through the window, and a second dream about people doing a live modelling show in a shop window. So, two dreams about windows, and about an element of being trapped inside, as you will hear when you discover more about the models.

Listen to the podcast as we relate the dreams to Ann’s current situation, and delve into the dreams to find light and insight to guide Ann through.

As always, dreams don’t tell you what to do; they reflect how things are at a deep and unconscious level. As we come to know ourselves at this deep level, as we see our limitations and as we see all the possibilities we have yet to empower, we gain new understanding and see new ways forward.

My role, after interpreting, is to assist in clarity and guidance. Once the dreamer holds a new vision, we cement this using alchemy.

We have an additional guest on today’s show, a crow which landed on our studio windowsill and contributed in loud caws in significant places – remember, Ann’s first dream featured birds! Enjoy.

You can listen here (Episode 82)

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3 comments on “Episode 82 The Dream Show: Trapped birds”

  1. Ann Reply

    Jane gave me a dream alchemy assignment that was a dialog between myself and the birds. I thought I posted it here, but I’m not seeing it.

    But I would like to report another dream with a similar theme to the birds in the windows. I had this dream about 2 months after this bird dream.

    I was on the side of the bed that is next to the window. I noticed that there was a vine from an rose bush growing inside the house. The vine was just like a rose stem only longer. It grew from a small hole in the screen at the top of the window down almost to the floor, 4 or 5 feet. On the stem were many many black, sharp, rigid thorns.

    I thought to myself that I really don’t want this stem growing in the window from outside. Then I thought I would check and see if any roses were blooming on the end of the stem. Sure enough there was. One large, fully blooming pink rose. It was big and full and a pale pink color.

    Here’s my own short interpretation. I’m sure Jane would help me with even more details. About 4-5 months ago a very large challenge to the health of my marriage happened. I think this is representative of the vine growing in the bedroom. It has been a path of growth but also with challenges that represent the thorns. The rose at the end represents the conversation the night before the dream when DH shared his growing feelings of lightness and hope for a brighter future. Our relationship has blossomed into something better than what it was before.

    And here is my own dream alchemy visualization. I visualize planting another rose bush outside the house. It is a traveling vine bush but with less thorns. And the thorns will be softer and redish green color – the color of other growing stems.

    The birds greet me with singing and joy that they were able to observe and keep an eye on things in the bedroom during their visit.

    I take out the screen to the bedroom so the vine can grow uninhibited into the bedroom window. And there will be many many more sweet smelling big pink roses blooming all the time.

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