Healing with dream alchemy

Healing with Dream Alchemy Jane Teresa Anderson Dreams

What kind of results are you getting from doing dream alchemy? Doing, is the important word. You can read about it, understand how it works, design one for yourself, but it’s only when you actually commit to doing a dream alchemy practice that magic – healing magic – happens.

Helen Thomas, a gifted Brisbane psychic medium, recently blogged about her experience of the healing power of dream alchemy following a skype consultation with me:

“What I loved most about the session with Jane Teresa was the time spent on dream alchemy. This was a very powerful and healing aspect to the consultation and has already brought about great healing and releasing for me. Through a series of visualisations, Jane Teresa helped me remove the blocks associated with the symbols in my dreams. I’ve been practising the visualisation repeatedly since our session about two weeks ago and have felt major personal changes as a result.”

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