Dream interpretation: UFOs and aliens


Dream Interpretation UFOs and Aliens Jane Teresa Anderson

Have you ever seen a UFO or an alien in your dreams? Have you communicated with extraterrestrials, or visited other planets?

Or do you have a vague feeling, perhaps even a memory, of having been abducted by aliens, or of travelling in a spaceship or UFO before being returned to wake in your own bed at home? Do you believe you can communicate, telepathically, with beings from other worlds while you sleep, waking up a little wiser or, alternatively, feeling a bit disconnected as if something is missing from your life? In summary, how do you feel about your alien encounters – are they real, or dreams?

They’re dreams, symbolic dreams. They’re about what feels alien or foreign to you.

They’re about experiences you have had that were so strange or difficult to understand that they might as well have happened on other planets. These dreams can also be about experiences where you were so hurt, emotionally or physically, that you despatched your pain far, far away, beyond your senses, beyond your everyday memory, beyond planet-you, only to return in dreams in vague, non-human form. Children brought up in very strict religions often push natural beliefs and feelings they have been taught to believe are evil far, far away, disowning them.

These dreams use symbols that play on words. They introduce you to parts of your self or your life experiences that you have alienated, or they remind you that however far you banish certain experiences and feelings, however much you refuse to identify with them, they still hover, as UFOs – unidentified flying objects.

Take back on board and ground a part of yourself that has been hurt and missing, and nurse it back to health.

Take back on board and ground a part of yourself that has been hurt and missing, and nurse it back to health.

The experiences you have alienated may have been huge and awful, or they may have been small misunderstandings that you felt uncomfortable keeping on board.

Welcome these dreams, and set about interpreting them using the other tips in this blog, because they offer you the chance to have another look at what you have rejected, to understand and heal, and, finally, to take back on board and then ground a part of yourself that has been hurt and missing, and nurse it back to health.


[Extract from 101 Dream Interpretation Tips, (in ebook and paperback format) Jane Teresa Anderson]


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59 comments on “Dream interpretation: UFOs and aliens”

  1. shelby Reply

    I am by the river of my island, and a ufo comes and my arms are reaching out and a baby boy is placed in my arms i walk with the boy as he gets older. I go to show my boyfriend but he dont think its his. this boy has been in my dreams other times. pls help

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Shelby,

      Everyone and everything in a dream represents something about you. What is the energy/personality of this baby boy? Have you just got in touch with this special energy in your life? Where could it take you?

      Hope this helps,

      Jane Teresa

  2. shelby Reply

    The energy is with amazement and pure joy and astonishment that he came from the sky. He is ver secret to me in other dreams as i protect him, we run from these men to seek an oracle whom i dreamt this dream before as io was younger with no children in this life time

  3. Austin Reply

    My dreams have been very vivid.

    A lot of the dreams are more “invasions”.
    I am usually in my grandparents farm field or at my parents ranch when it occurs. Sometimes it’s at night but usually it’s daylight in my dreams. I hear an ever familiar buzzing or humming in the sky, I look up and there it is or there they are. Usually when it’s a lot of UFOs, they are flying past me in no certain formation or pattern, just flying in. Round disk shaped ones, round crafts or solid balls of light…but my most latest one has been disk shaped but hollow in the middle…to where I can see al the instruments and being inside of them. This time one lands near a fresh spring on my grandparents farm and three beings exit to gather water. I am watching them from a distance on a hill over looking the spring. I am with five guys I’ve never met. All of a sudden one of them runs down to them and the beings see him and all the horse and beam him into one of the horse, creating a sentaur. We are all afraid and run. The beings return to their ship and come after all of us. I hide by a grain storage tank, I look up and there’s a horse charging towards me, with fire in its eyes. Time slows down as Im watching the horse charging. I notice in the back ground the world is burning, falling into chaos as life burning. My attention directs back to the horse, it’s almost to me. I can feel the hooves pounding on the ground, I jump up just as soon as the horse is near me. I throw my knee into its chest and it falls to the ground dead. And that’s where I typically wake up, when I’ve had any kind of physical contact is when I awake. But I am always able to remember these kind of dreams. Maybe you can help shed some light into my minds madness.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Austin,

      Thank you for posting your dream. UFO dreams like yours are generally about integrating (coming to terms with) feelings and energies you have tried to push away. That’s why they feel like invasions to you; feeling invaded by feelings you’d rather not feel. These feelings come up for you when you’re at your grandparents’ farm field or your parents’ ranch as that’s when you have the dreams. You might like to consult me if you’d like a deep and detailed understanding of your dream, how it relates to your life, and how this insight can be helpful to you: http://www.dream.net.au/services/phone_consultation.cfm

      Hope this helps,

      Jane Teresa

  4. neice Reply

    I was at a lake the’re were a lot of people I was with my husband and children.
    I looked up at the stars and they where all moving we were being invaded.I thought to myself so so this is 2012 this is the end. Everyone was running away in fear. Including myself

    What could this mean

  5. Jerrod sims Reply

    I have had multiple ufo dreams and one even was shared with my fiance but the one I am curious about is I was in a room and a small alien that floated told me it wanted me to come with it and it was going to teach me things and even teach me to travel through dimensions themselves. After it told me that it took me to a room with other people that were chosen and the dream was so real that the people were arguing over why they were smarter than the others and thats why they were chosen. What could have been the meaning of this?

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Jerrod,

      You’ll enjoy listening to this podcast about a dream featuring aliens and space/dimension travel. You’ll get tips and insights into your own dream by hearing how I interpret Jason’s dream and how he responds:

      This blog doesn’t offer individual interpretations (you can book consultations with me), but I do like to provide links to articles that can help. I think this one will!


      Jane Teresa

  6. erwin Reply

    i have a strange or multiple dreams . i see a great city of pyramids, UFO’s has invade, i see planets 6-7 of them i dont know the name of each , then 3 of them has transit,I saw a big number 21, lastly the earth was turn into fire like brime stone im so afraid of it when i saw all these things .can u help me what is the meaning of it…….thanks

  7. creepy zeek Reply

    I had my very first dream about a UFO last night. It was very vivid and seemed very real. The ufo was flying past my house as I was outside. It was night time and I was able to see the colors from under the space craft. It came back for a second pass, but this time it just hovered over my drive way, tree top level. my wife was screaming at me to get in the house, but I was hypnotized. I could see the alien inside staring at me. The craft began to play a very loud sound so loud it actually hurt my ears in the dream. After being out there for what seemed like a long time, I felt arms around me and was dragged into the house. Then I woke up. What do you think this dream meant?

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Creepy Zeek,

      I notice the dream sound hurt your ears, suggesting this is about something painful you haven’t wanted to hear in the past that you’re now beginning to hear and acknowledge.

      For meaningful interpretation, you’d need to book a consultation, but I hope this helps orientate you.

      Jane Teresa

  8. Ky Reply

    I am on a hill the grass is green the sky is baby blue with very little clouds the bottom of the hill is surrounded by snow covered christmas trees the temperature feels normal and im lying on my back looking up at the saucer its hovering over me and im still because im afraid to move and its just hovering there i feel like its watching me but i cant make out the colors but its a saucer shape then i woke up.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Ky,

      Thank you for sharing your dream. Sounds idyllic apart from your fear. Even though you’re frightened to move, you are, in a way, facing and acknowledging a fear. Dreams reflect the day or two beforehand. Cast your mind over the last couple of days before the dream.

      Jane Teresa

  9. jeremy Reply

    Last night I had the most vivid dream ever, I can remember almost every detail. I was on a beach at night with a bunch of friends partying. There were also a lot of other people doing the same all throughout the beach. Out of nowhere these small flying triangles came upclose and hovered around for a bit then left. Seconds later the sky filled with UFOs and aliens just started appearing all. over. They were spaced out every 50 meters or so and they all where sitting down crossing thier legs appearing to be peaceful. Then everyone started getting hypnotized into walking towards them, I figured if I don’t look at the aliens they wouldn’t be able to hypnotize me so I looked away. There were only a few of us not drawn in and we all started to make our way off the beach. Suddenly everyone hypnotized starting singing in harmony witg the aliens in a language I’ve never heard. The song was soothing, warm, mellow, and repeatitive. It made me feel safe as I was wondering if this was an invasion or a peaceful way of greeting us…. and then I woke up. I really wish the dream hadn’t ended like that, I wanted to see what happened next. It felt so real and I’m almost convinced aliens want me to be ready for something big.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Jeremy,

      Thank you for sharing your dream. Everyone and everything in a dream reflects something about the dreamer – you. So let’s look at that last sentence: ” … want me to be ready for something big”. Do you feel a new readiness to step into a bigger life in some way, or is this an issue for you?

      This blog is not about offering interpretation (I have a consultation service), so this is just a thought for you to contemplate.

      Jane Teresa

  10. Marilyn Reply

    I was outside minding my own business in a crowd just being a usual human being. It got very dark and eerie out of nowhere and you see military coming in all different directions shooting at civilians. As I try to run for cover I looked at 1 military man and he looked at me with his gas mask and shot me, he thought he killed me, but I played dead so I can get a grasp on what is going on. All I hear is a lot of screaming, I felt something extra dark over my head and when I tried to look up, but not so much where anyone would see me alive it was a huge black UFO spaceship. I hear the military screaming “let’s go, let’s go”. So I panicked real bad, but in a frozen state of mind, I heard a voice say “Don’t fear, we are hear to help and encode DNA to those who survive so you can help your planet as they kill off as many as possible, I know you are alive and we will be back for you”. I felt this sense of peace. So I closed my eyes and heard a voice in front of me, that’s when I really had to play dead and stop my breathing, praying that I would get rescued by that UFO like promised. It was a military man that was curious and wondering if I was actually dead, so they waved one of those strong things over your nose to wake you up, my God was it a powerful smell, so I began to choke real bad and somehow something occurred that distracted the military man, so when I looked it was a gang of UFO spaceships, he ran, he said I was special as he ran because I survived. The UFO lowered itself to me and I turned into a fetus, the alien put something over me and I felt it take me away, I was abducted and taken away, I heard my moms voice and say “you are the chosen one, make me proud”. I flew off and when we reached our destination I was pushed into this long tunnel and I was sliding in pitch dark to this underground place, it was their home, where they had others as well. I felt at ease, peace and was ready for my mission. Then I woke up!

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Marilyn,

      Thank you for your dream. While I don’t offer interpretations on this blog (I offer consultation as a professional service at http://www.dream.net.au), I notice the sense of ease, peace, and readiness you felt when you woke up, and that long tunnel might be seen as a birth (symbolically). Did you reach more of a sense of peace about a new way of being in your life around the time of this dream?

      Jane Teresa

  11. Marilyn Reply

    Hi Jane. Yes I have. I am on a spiritual path for awhile now and have made peace with myself so I can make peace with my world and be of service to others. This made perfect sense to me once you said “the tunnel of birth” and me sensing peace along with others that was in the underground home was peaceful souls that was chosen. Those people to me I feel like are the ones that are in my life (spiritually) right now to help me reach the stars. Thank you so much, I appreciate your time.

  12. David Reply

    I have had a dream recently about seeing a ufo hovering in the night sky and illuminating in different coloured lights. Everyone in my neighbourhood is observing the spectacle bemused and amazed. In my dream I felt dismay and panic that these extraterrestial lifeforms are invaders plotting to exterminate the human race and conquer the earth for acquisition of resources. The wonderful light display exhibited by the ufo frightens and alerts me to the potential power and superior force that the aliens have. I communicated to my family my trepidation and anxiety but they were dismissive and I woke up before the events in the dream concluded.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi David,

      Thank you for contributing your dream. There are some strong emotional dynamics highlighted in your dream, aren’t there? Great dream.

      Jane Teresa

  13. Craig Reply

    I have had a very vivid dream last night and although it started off in a house I used to live in over ten years ago and I was redecorating and making changes, it soon turned into mass panick in the town as aliens started to invade. Although at the time it was the tripods from war of the worlds. I know it sounds weird and I haven’t seen that film for many years. They were killing people and destroying the town looking for someone although they kept asking for the chosen one and they would leave the rest of the world alone, no one came forward as being the one they wanted and they carried on around the planet destroying buildings. I remember someone saying in the dream that they could have destroyed the earth from space if they wanted to, but they seemed desperate to find a single individual, at no point was I lead to believe it was me and spent most of the dream running and avoiding them most people retreated to Forrest’s etc. This seemed to lead to the house I live in now where I met up with family and friends so we could go on the run together. Just before I woke up I came face to face with an air force jump jet and could clearly see in the cockpit two alien beings, their intentions were unclear and I woke up. All the way through the dream I felt fear and panick. Although some of the people around me seemed to be used to it like it had been happening for years and they had there own ways of dealing with the invasion yet it was all new and scary and overwhelming to me. Please help to understand 🙂

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Craig, Thank you for your dream. A little tip for you. (To fully understand, and to receive help on the best way to go forward you can book a skype or phone consultation so we can really go into this.) In your second last sentence you say, “like it had been happening for years and they had their own way of dealing with …”. Your dream is about something that’s been happening for years that you’ve had your own way of dealing with (escape, running away), and now you’re getting more in touch with your feelings about it: fear, panic! It’s probably come up now because you’ve been looking back ten years or so and beginning to see things in a different way (symbolised by the renovations in your dream).

      Jane Teresa

  14. Anthony Melhorn Reply

    A dream from last week. I can’t remember how the dream progressed to get to the part I do remember, but it was me and someone else standing at a distance from a pond or lake. I think we followed the object hovering in the sky. It stopped above this water. It was shaped like a giant CD (without the hole in the middle, of course) and on the sides were lights. Except they ran counter clockwise and it wasn’t a single band of bulbs or whatever, they were different colored, and reminded me of pixels. And each “light” were actually shapes or maybe a symbol of some sort in this pixel form. I couldn’t make out any recognizable letters or marks. And then the bottom opened up. And a hydrolyc system lowered a glowing sphere of something about a fourth the length of the object all around. What struck me as odd was that The sphere itself was larger bottom to top than the object floating was.
    Then the sphere proceeded to go into the water. I don’t remember if there was a reaction but I have a feeling that the owners of the object also came out but it’s vague and fuzzy.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Thank you, Anthony, for adding your UFO dream to this collection.

      Jane Teresa

  15. Bernardo Mateo Reply

    I had a dream just this morning. I was at my sister’s house with mt nieces & nephew. In the dream I had seen a portal appear in the driveway but also it looked like it was made of fire. The UFOs zoomed out of it into the sky only to darken the entire night sky in what was a very bright night. Very weird. I hope to anyone can help. Thanks!

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Bernado, Thank you for your contribution to this topic. Remember that dreams process the last 24-48 hours. Think back, what happened (or what did you worry might happen) to darken an otherwise bright night? (It helps to look at dreams as metaphors.) When you work with dreams, the idea is to understand why you experience life in the way that you do, and to see that this is something you can change if you wish.
      You can consult me here: http://janeteresaanderson.com/consultations/phone-or-skype-consultation/
      Jane Teresa

  16. Victoria Reply

    Me and someone else I don’t know were at a pizza shop (one of those corner ones) and I stepped outside. I looked up and I saw this strange looking ship. It was sort of shaped like a plane, but not quite, and it looked like it was partially cloaked. For some reason though I couldn’t get a good look at it, even though it was right there. When my friend got his food and we stepped out I looked up again and saw the ship flying away.

    I recently partially found what might be a blocked memory, but I can’t look at the whole memory, I just know that it has something to do with red sunsets and clouds. Think this dream is connected to the memory? What do you make of it?

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Victoria, Thank you for adding your dream to this post. You’re right: your dream reflects the feeling you have about recently connecting with what might be a blocked memory. There it is “partially cloaked” and you “couldn’t get a good look at it”. And the UFO symbol reflects something ‘unidentified’ and a bit alien to you. BUT:

      Memories can be unreliable. You may have blocked a memory, or you may have blocked an emotion that is wrapped up in symbolism that feels like a partially remembered event.

      You might like to book a session with me to look into this, or you might find some of my ebooks helpful:

      Jane Teresa

  17. sam Reply

    me and someone else were at this park by a lake and there were these old ladies in a car, i was talking to the other person i cant remember about what though but i remember telling him i found this meteorite but it was actually just a rock that i had in my pocket at the time of the dream and i was tricking him for some reason lol. the rock that i had in the dream looked a lot like a crystal that i own and i think it might have been that crystal, also the crystal was near me when i was sleeping and having this dream. When i told the other person i found that meteorite this flying saucer flew in from the sky and was near us in a few seconds i remember it had colors of light coming off of it the colors were either red or orange and that saucer made another smaller saucer come out of it i think that one had green colors of light coming off of it but i dont remember and it hovered above me and i thought i was going to be abducted and it made light come down like you see when people get abducted and it was on me and i felt a lot of energy and for some reason i have a memory of something telling me that it was fixing my dna or human traits or something like that and i wasnt abducted. That whole time i wasnt scared of the saucers. The dream went on but i dont remember what happened after the saucers came i just remember being at my house somehow but it wasnt my house but looked like my house, my family was there and i talked with them.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Sam, Thank you for contributing your dream to this thread. I liked the way you weren’t scared and ended up being fixed (healed).
      Jane Teresa

  18. Jessica ... The Believer. Reply

    Hi. Please help me understand this dream. I’ll try to be very clear about this so first things first I’ll tell you about the day prior to my dream. It was Saturday and I spent the day with my son who is type 1 diabetic. I live at my fathers house currently and looking for work. The day was normal. TV. Watched my son play video games. Talked to a friend on the phone for a bit about her mother being quite I’ll. She is my 2nd mom… I offer to say a prayer but me having doubts of a god I felt weird to offer it in the beginning. I just had hopes of her healing I guess.. Anyways .. I slept. Its just after sunset and I’m standing in front of my friends mothers old house where she was raised and we spent our childhood together but she wasn’t there or the family at that moment. My father and siblings were as well as my 9 year old son. I think we were all just conversating. I walked away as if headed to get something and look up into the sky like I always do. Love outer space. I see these ships. Rounded with rounded edges. All metal but no sharpness to the edges at all. Lots of them just coming down. Some hover and some rotate and hover. I instantly was in such awe and beckoned my dad to see what I see. They all see what I see. My sister was in a panic and my son confused and scared. I look at my dad and see the horrid worried look in his eyes. (I’m close with my father but we both have a weird affection showing problem like awkward hugs..we’re the shy type) I grabbed his arm and swooped my through his as to locked elbows and said “do you know what this means? Dad, there is life. There is life out there and we are not the only ones..(my voice began to crack because I wanted to cry). This is great” he looked at me in shock that i said this. In my mind, my thoughts were: my wish came true that I lived to see the day we found life beyond our world. What shall come of this? What do they look like? What is their anatomy? Questions swarming in my head. My eyes fixated on these swirling metal objects I looked down and see my son. The dream instantly took me to a shelter with tons of people as well as my family. I mentioned to my mother that I needed to grab some things needed from home and i would have to walk to get it because the streets were in an uproar. Road blocked. People scared and confused everywhere. By this time hours had passed. Even the night. I receive a call and it is someone I don’t recognize. They want me to pick up my mail(telemarketing??) Strange..but I didn’t recall what they were speaking of so off I continued to start my journey home. Again I look up and see huge skyscrapers all around me and again ships come about. They sounded off these huge explosions which frightened everyone but from these explosions came tiny american flags with candy that fell from the sky. I took it as a sign of piece. But still skeptic I shouted don’t eat the candy! Don’t eat the candy!! As well as others did. But in that moment I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t scared at all throughout my dream. I woke up so I didn’t quite finish my journey to get my personal belongings but when I did wake, I felt to refreshed, so energetic, and completely empowered. Such an intense feeling that I could shake…all I could do was think about my dream. I promised to remember every detail. Which I have.. But tried to shorten it up a bit for you to read. Please help me with this dream? I want to understand.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Jessica,

      What a wonderful dream, and you’ve painted such a strong picture of it too. It is to do with your feelings of doubt/faith in yourself and your ability to reach out to the opportunities around you that you may not have really noticed before. (So it’s not necessarily about religious or spiritual faith, or about faith in life beyond earth.) It’s about reaching out beyond fears that have kept you shy and kept you from expressing your joy and wonder as well as other emotions. Have another look around you. We are so often blind to opportunities – blinded by our beliefs about life, our shyness, our fear, our self-doubt – there is room for you to add more life to your life. How wonderful!

      Jane Teresa

  19. Bikram Reply

    Last night I had an extraterrestial dream. I was in my house with my family and with one of my friend. It was around 8pm that time when large space saucers appeared in the sky. It hovered over my house and soon I found myself running inside the house for a safe shelter. As a tragic event the aliens whose face i didn’t remember killed my friend and move forward searching me. I hid myself in a cupboard but soon watched that my family is being taken with them in there saucer…..that was really freaky. Can you please interpret what this dream signify?

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Bikram,

      Dreams reflect the 24-48 hours beforehand. This friend represents something about you – maybe a personality trait you both share, maybe a fear, or belief, or approach to life. In the dream you feel this part of yourself is being threatened or killed off. That’s part of the story. It’s more complex, so if you’d like to really get into your dream and how it relates to your life and how you can use this insight in your life for the best, please book a Skype or phone session:

      Jane Teresa

  20. gisselle Reply

    I have been having the same.dream for.over a yerar that O was home and I would look at the sky and i would see the moon and planets coming closer.to.me then i stopped having that dream and startes seeing ufos lota.of them! Last dream ai had was the dream that I most.saw ufos there where so many with lights opening a door at the bottom aftrr a while they would all leave and i would get this feeling they diint like the planet! Wierd but I would like to know what does this mean.. thanks

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Gisselle, Dreams reflect the last 24-48 hours, so because your recurring dream began just over a year ago, think back to what changes or challenges were occurring in your life then. There has been progress: something that seemed distant getting closer to you, doors opening, but a feeling within you of not really being ready to make a connection.
      Jane Teresa

  21. Amila T Reply

    I had a very strange dreams. I saw an UFO in the woods, flying behind some kind of light. It felt like I somehow ‘called’ the UFO and it immediatly stopped running after the light and came to me. After that I woke up. This dream felt so real. What could this mean>

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Amila, Thank you for posting your dream. Those UFOs in our dreams can represent ‘the unknown’ in our lives, or even parts of ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings, that we’ve disconnected from. In your dream you’re ready to ‘know’ or acknowledge this ‘unknown’ or ‘unidentified’ feeling. For more information, re-read this article (the one you’ve commented on)!
      Jane Teresa

  22. Ialcon Reply

    I had a dream that my girlfriend and I were in bed and we both wake up when we saw a bright red light flashing in clouds. I peeked out and I saw a hole in the clouds. Saw a white oval ship coming down and someone was speaking to me from a far. It said “ay ka ma sa” and then cut off. Everyone in the house freaked out and I heard sirens and plans rushing through. I woke up as it was a distress called. I looked it up to see any kind of translation. It came translated Fillpino as “Are you able to…”. Im not familiar with the fillpino language for Im South American who just speak english and spanish.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Lalcon,

      Thank you for contributing your dream. I love that by the end of the dream you found a translation (even if you didn’t get the full message) from a foreign language which turned out to be not quite as foreign as an alien ship. So there’s a progression from something totally alien breaking through, to something foreign being said, to getting a bit of an idea about what was being said. Alien/UFO dreams are often about what is ‘breaking through’ into our lives, what seemed totally alien or foreign to us beginning to make sense. Say “ay ka ma sa” out loud to yourself slowly, and fast: it may begin to sound like something in English or Spanish that does make sense to you. Your dream is about breaking through to get in touch with something that you’ve blocked out in the past because it was very distressing for you.
      Many Blessings,
      Jane Teresa

  23. Anand Reply

    I have been having these recurring dreams with the same underlying theme. My most recent dream was like this: Aliens have come to Earth and are slowly but surely trying to gain control over everything. They are benign on the surface but have nefarious intentions in reality. They also look almost like humans. There are a group of humans congregating in a building in a lot and the alien leader is telling them something. While he is keeping them busy his alien buddies are doing something in the other building in the lot. Some of us humans including myself are in the “resistance”. We sneak out of the building and go to the other one to check it out. We see that the aliens are bringing in more aliens in the guise of humans – a weird looking UFO descends and many “kid” aliens come out. We go back to the other building and try to protect our fellow humans – there are many human kids as well whose minds are easily influenced by the alien propaganda. However we can’t do much. The newly arrived aliens have started to learn about human culture, mythologies, science and are trying to blend in.

    There is yet another recurring dream – that of a tsunami. One particular instance of it which I remember very vividly goes like this – I go to an island (Hawaii probably) along with my wife and son. We are doing some water activity and have been forewarned of a tsunami. I want to leave but my wife doesn’t. So eventually a huge tsunami comes. This is when I wake up sweating. When I fall back into sleep the dream continues and we are in a camp or some sort where they are aiding the survivors – however we seem to have escaped relatively unscathed. There are still aprehensions of another tsunami.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Anand,

      Thank you for contributing your dream. You’ve asked me to help you interpret it. I can give you a couple of clues, but to really benefit you’ll need to book a consultation so we can get into the depths of your dream, how it relates to what’s going on in your life, and what you can do to resolve any issues there.

      Your aliens are trying to control, and you are trying to resist, so this is what you’re grappling with in your life at the moment: a feeling of resisting a sense of being controlled OR a sense of resisting bringing more control into your life (same thing really). Dreams reflect the last day or two, so whenever you have this dream look back over the last two days to see how these feelings played out.


      Many blessings,

      Jane Teresa

  24. erwin Reply

    i have another dream 3 / 4 blood moons then they appear the spacecraft, ufo . they attack the city all buildings are disposed explode when they fire their lazer canon , another i saw a city on day @ 3pm i view @ east i saw a great FIRE from the sky like burning atmosphere they weep all the cities boats, cars, houses, buildings etc. are totally destroyed and it turns into ashes black carbon then i saw a interruption volcanoes they blow a fumes of sulfur dioxide, lastly i saw a red planets & blue planets i dont know the name of that planet….

  25. shygirl Reply

    Hi Jane,

    I dreamt I was standing on the roadside talking to someone then suddenly the place when dark for about a second n light up back(similar to the flicker of a light). I looked up and saw a ufo then I looked to the opposite direction and saw another. I shouted “ufo” and everyone started running. Then I saw strings coming down from the ships and I was able to find a shop where I could watch what was happening, then I saw the both the ships falling. Everyone clapped and cheered. There was a chair next to me and I saw an insect that appeared to be a black ant on it, then I moved away a little and said “that’s what an alien looked like”. Throughout the whole thing I remained calm.

    Jane, what does this dream mean?

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Shygirl,

      Thank you for contributing your UFO dream. Dreams reflect the last one or two days, so somewhere in those couple of days you began to become aware of something you hadn’t noticed before, something that was a bit like a flicker of a thought and a light coming on in your head, an ‘aha!’ (just like the flicker in the dream). The clapping and cheering shows that you’re really pleased that you’re beginning to see things in a different way. Something that seemed quite ‘alien’ to you has suddenly made sense. If a black ant could give you advice on your life, what do you imagine it would say?

      This is only a bit of a clue, Shygirl. I’d need to spend a good amount of time with you talking about your dream to really get to its meaning, but I hope this helps for now. (You can book consultations here: http://janeteresaanderson.com/consultations/)

      Jane Teresa

  26. Sandeep Reply

    Hi Jane,
    I had unusual dream last night. I saw UFO coming down, and alien coming out of it. Alien was just wandering around the park. Couple other guys and myself has seen alien. We all tried to catch it, but ultimately I manage to catch it. I have carried it away with me and others could not catch us.

    Jane kindly interpret this for me.

    thanking you and with warm regards


    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Sandeep,

      How did you feel about catching the alien? Why did you carry it away? Imagine – now that you are awake – what the alien might say to you for catching it: what would it say?

      The interpretation depends on details such as these.

      Jane Teresa

      • Sandeep Reply


        Thanx for prompt reply.

        I felt more friendly with him and there was no resistance from alien as well. The alien reaction was seems to be enjoying my company. Before and after I am awake I never felt scary. I felt kind of satisfaction and happiness of helping someone out from trouble.


        • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

          Hi Sandeep,

          How you feel, in a dream, is a key to interpretation. You felt satisfaction and happiness from helping someone out of trouble. In the couple of days before the dream, did you help yourself out of trouble – in a way? Did you approach something in a new way, a way that worked out well for you? Your dream suggests you overcame a resistance, became more friendly toward a part of yourself or your thinking that you had previously been more ‘alienated’ from.

          Many blessings,
          Jane Teresa

  27. BHAVIK Reply

    i have seen alien spaceship so many times in dream as if they want to tell me something.one time a spaceship was crashed n i was checking what was problem at crash site.other dream i seen dinasoras n alien spaceship flying in sky.i never seen aliens but seen human person whom i dont know came out n said pls come repeated three times n i said no as i was afraid n came back to life at morning 6.36 a.m.

    i feel that they want me to study and go to higher post as i can earn easily whatever i want.
    am a forex trader by profession.

    and i dont beleive in aliens.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Bhavik,

      You don’t have to believe in aliens to dream about them, as you have discovered. Aliens are a symbol your unconscious mind is using to express a feeling or belief you have. Your dream alien becomes human, suggesting that a belief that has seemed quite ‘alien’ to you (or far-fetched, too high to reach) is feeling more and more within reach (more grounded). Your conclusion sounds right to me, only it is a deeper part of YOU (not the aliens) that wants you to study. Your dream shows your fear is holding you back. Fear of what? Go study!
      Many blessings,
      Jane Teresa

  28. rajvir Reply

    Last night,in my dream I saw an UFO reaching towards earth.me with my husband were running to save us..even people were also running. .however that machine just fell near to our house and there was a big blast..no doubt ,we survived and then searched for my children and found that were also safe but crying a lot..I was scared in my dreams…I have a lot of dreams like this..but unable to find the right person who can solve problems of dreams..as every one makes fun of me about these strange dreams.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Rajvir,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. There are plenty of people around who take dreams seriously rather than make fun of strange dreams. You can learn how to interpret your dreams (and how to use them to solve waking life problems your dreams are trying to resolve) through the resources on my site. Free resources include all the blog articles and the podcasts. The podcasts are here: https://www.janeteresa.com/category/podcasts/

      Or you might like to buy some of the ebooks or invest in doing my online course, How to interpret your dreams step-by-step here:

      Jane Teresa

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