Dream Alchemy: All lit up

Dream Alchemy All Lit Up Jane Teresa Anderson

I love hearing stories like this one. Renee Price, a keen listener of our podcast show, flew interstate last week to visit a relative in a hospice. She took my book, Dream Alchemy, with her, and was moved to email me her experience. (I asked Renee for permission to share her story here, and she was delighted. See Renee’s website.)

“When I was traveling, I never had people comment on a book I was carrying, but people were constantly noticing your Dream Alchemy book at the airports, actually leaning close and pointing at your book!

It was weird! I mean really weird, it was like your book was lit up or something. Even in the hospice, a man startled me by leaning over my shoulder and putting his finger on the book and whispering in my ear that it must be interesting. Talk about being in my personal space! Workers wanted to know what it was about and, of course, tell me their dreams. It was great fun seeing the expressions on their faces when they ‘got it’.

One man who was tagging my luggage said he couldn’t understand why he was dreaming of people he knew 50 years ago over and over. We had a quick chat and he said, ‘Yes! That is exactly it! How did you do that? I feel so much better!’

His co worker leaned over your book and said, ‘If you learned that from that author, I have to write the title down and get her book!'”

Thanks Renee, for sharing your story!

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7 comments on “Dream Alchemy: All lit up”

  1. Margaret Reply

    Thank you Renee, for your story.
    I too love hearning of these occurances.
    Dream Alchemy is soooooo powerful and the more people exposed to dream interpretation and alchemy the better! It would be a whole different world I think if we all practiced this.
    Thanks for ahsring Renee – I loved hearing about your experience.

  2. Renee Reply

    You are welcome Margaret! Just did a dream for a friend. She had thought it meant she would get back with a ‘not so nice’ friend. When I went into a depth of her fears of integrating some male/female/power/sexual aspects, discussed a visualization, and then she got really quiet… then said, “That is amazing! So right on! I can feel it inside. I have to get off the phone now and think about what you said. You brought up things I haven’t wanted to face! And I feel so much better knowing there is hope to change it!” … Dream Alchemy is awesome!

  3. Julie Thomson Reply

    Hello Jane Teresa,

    So here’s a strange thing, or perhaps not so strange. I have not had a dream memory for ages, but last Sunday morning had a v vivid recall of a dream I awoke from in early morning.
    I discussed this with my husband and took your Dream Alchemy from my bedside table drawer, flicking through to find references.

    Some hours later, we are at lunch with friends at Sunshine Coast and chatting post meal about all and nothing, mentioned my dream and your book and one of the guests whom I had not met before recognised your name and said she was a good friend. How is that?

    Anyway, the dream:
    Peter ( my husband ) and I are at a small local hall, where we seem to be waiting for a concert to begin. In walks an acqaintance who is consulting with Pete on his cricket venture, wearing a v unattractive,red jacket, which is patterned with garish glitter. His wife is wearing a dress of same fabric.
    Then I go to sit down, and notice Pete is sitting in back row, but has not reserved a seat for me and the row is full, forcing me to go to the front of the seating. I sit down and while waiting, a friend comes in wearing a coat with a turned up collar so I hardly recognise her. But we chat briefly.
    It seems to be a children’s concert and before it starts, a woman, probably one of the mothers of the children, speaks to us about the kids and what they are going to do, but she goes on and on and on, and we are getting bored and wanting her to sit down and shut up. She is holding a v squirmy toddler who is restless and distracting while she speaks. A large comb seems to be hanging off her handbag and someone pours a bucket of water over her head which pools at her feet and she is standing in water quite unperturbed.
    That’s all I remember.

    Must mean something, but could not decipher.


    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Julie,

      Thank you for posting your synchronicity story! I’m excited to say that Hachette are publishing Dream Alchemy internationally in ebook format early next month (December), which is wonderful news given the paperback has now been in print – and selling – for nearly 10 years. I’ll be interested to see how ebook sales go compared to paperback sales.

      I can see some themes in your dream: back row vs front row, image, getting on with the show. Remember dreams reflect the day or two before the dream. That squirmy, restless toddler is a clue to an energy within you that wants to get on with something! Think about his age, and then think about an idea or situation that’s been in your life for that length of time.

      Thank you for talking about my book over lunch with strangers 🙂

      Jane Teresa

  4. Julie Thomson Reply

    Thanks Jane Teresa. Certainly does coincide with plans I and Peter have that seem to be stalling …… such an interesting view. But does the water mean they will be washed out? Know this is a too literal translation, but perhaps a cleaning out is coming? The comb might be something about tidying up? Certainly have several messy, untidy things going on here…


    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Julie,

      You’re getting an understanding your dream now. Remember, though, that dreams reflect your processing of the last two days, comparing those last two days to all your past experiences, and then – sometimes – projecting forward to how your future might be, based on where your mindset is now. So each dream – once interpreted – provides a window into your mindset (your beliefs, conscious and unconscious, that determine your perspective and actions). You say you have several messy, untidy things going on, and your dream helps show you how you’re responding to that situation (consciously and unconsciously). Look ahead to how you’d like this situation to turn out and then ask yourself if your current mindset (as reflected by your dream) is likely to get you there, or if something needs to change.

      You might like to read this:

      Hope this helps,

      Jane Teresa

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