Episode 196 The Dream Show: Phosphorescent viper

Episode 196 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Constance is my guest this episode with a dream about a phosphorescent green viper breaking out from the earth in her garden. The next morning, she awoke with the first signs of atopic dermatitis, a skin ailment that stayed with her for the next two and a half years.

Constance had read that snakes in dreams may be related to health, and she was interested to know if there was a connection between her dream and the severe dermatitis she suffered from that point forward.

Listen in as we explore the many levels of this dream and the ways it related to Constance’s life back in 2015 when she had the dream. Might Constance’s health have been different if we had analysed the dream at the time, gained insight, and applied dream alchemy?

Also in this episode we look at dream medicine. What is it? Listen in to find out more!


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