Episode 197 The Dream Show: Pilgrims Way

Episode 197 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Alexandra, from England, is my guest with a dream that begins with dressing up in a white spandex suit to go to a vintage disco, and ends with walking an ancient causeway called Pilgrims Way. What was she wearing on Pilgrims Way? Why, red knickers and red bra, of course, as you do.

This beautiful, haunting, quite ethereal dream, digs deep beneath the surface layers, though the spandex and red underwear are clues that take Alexandra to meaningful places.

During the dream there’s a crocodile and a burnt out derelict petrol station to pass before the scene magically opens to the ancient causeway where she finds white stones and bones shaped like little people and animals.

Alexandra’s dream occurred the night before an important meeting. How can the insight she gains from her dream interpretation help her to negotiate the meeting, and what else does it reflect about her life, how she’s handling its challenges, and how she might approach her next steps?


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