Episode 195 The Dream Show: The magical fish

Episode 195 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Kyle from New Jersey is my guest this episode, with a dream that begins with crashing a school bus while overtaking slower cars, and ends with a mesmerising encounter with a smiling fish at a fish hatchery.

No-one turns up to help Kyle when the bus he’s driving crashes into a telephone pole, so he decides to trace his steps back to discover what caused the crash, which is when he happens upon the hatchery and the magical fish.

As you’ll learn when you tune into our conversation, Kyle is a transpersonal psychologist with a special interest in a controversial subject. Although the idea behind The Dream Show is to give our guests anonymity so that they can talk openly and deeply, some choose to share their work if it comes up when we explore the dream, as did Kyle. You’ll also find links to his sites below.

We trace back through Kyle’s dream, and go in deep, to discover what the dream crash represents in his life today, and how the magical fish can assist into the future.

This is a lively conversation that you will love to share. Enjoy.

Kyle’s sites: Setting Sun Welllness and Psychedelics Course

Discover more about our vision: About The Dream Show


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