Episode 132 The Dream Show: Open your eyes

Episode 132 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Isn’t it interesting that when we see something new, we first try to fit it with what we already know? Our tendency is to categorise this with that, to file today’s experiences to fit in with yesterday’s, to make sense of our world by making it connect with the picture we have been building, day by day, since birth.

Then along come certain events or experiences that just don’t fit – or we can’t find ways to fit them into our commonsense picture of the world. What then?

This month’s episode of The Dream Show looks at our blind spots, gives examples of how to identify these in our dreams, and explores opening our eyes to new ways of seeing the world.

One of the main functions of our dreams is to process our experiences in ways that help us to make sense of our world. We each build our unique picture of the world, of what makes sense to us based on our unique life experiences. So many different world views, mostly overlapping to some degree, gift us so many opportunities to learn from other people’s perspectives – and sometimes our dreaming minds add new brushstrokes to our picture instead of editing to fit the same-old, same-old, same-old rut.

Enjoy this light-hearted but serious dip into the science and mystery of making sense of life.


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