Episode 133 The Dream Show: Dream stories and breakfast radio

Episode 133 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Dreams of worms, snakes, rats, ghosts, and bare bottoms, and what they mean, have all been topics on breakfast radio or drive radio when I’ve been on air as the dream expert, taking calls from listeners or interpreting presenters’ dreams. I enjoy radio work, and over the last couple of decades have discussed, interpreted, or bantered about thousands of callers’ dreams over many different radio formats. Whether the approach is light-hearted or deep and meaningful, there’s always something to get across to the listeners, a dream interpretation tip, an insight into how to look at their dreams.

Radio is in the moment, so to extend my contribution I sometimes blog about a dream we’ve briefly talked about on radio, fleshing out the interpretation and the story.

In this episode I bring you some of these radio dreams and stories, so you’ll hear all about worms, snakes, rats, ghosts, and bare bottoms, and what they mean, and much more.

In this episode I also bring you into my world as a radio dream expert, share a little of the whys and wherefores, the fun, and what can and can’t be done within the medium to contribute to the understanding of dreams.

As we approach the end of the year, and as you are hopefully enjoying some time away from work during the festive season, this episode is designed for leisurely but insightful listening. Enjoy and please share.


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