Episode 131 The Dream Show: Stray kittens

Episode 131 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Renee from Ohio is my guest with a dream about stray kittens and a cat litter box with packed-down, concrete-like layers of kitten poo and urine. In the dream she’s aggravated that it’s got to this point, and ready to clean up and choose one of the stray kittens.

Renee had gone to sleep the night before her dream with a question on her mind, something she hoped her dream would address. It did. We go in deep – very deep – and get to the bottom of the issue.

Conscious understanding is important – and this is what interpretation achieves –  but for long-lasting deep change, adjustments need to be made at the unconscious level, so we then apply dream alchemy to achieve this.

You’ll hear Renee relate the interpretation to what is happening in her life. When I was chatting with Renee after we had finished recording, she asked if she could share her website so you can visit. You’ll understand why when you listen to this episode. Here’s Renee’s website.


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