Episode 130 The Dream Show: Challenges and traps

Episode 130 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Juana is my guest with a dream about playing a game, a series of challenges in which it’s important not to fall into dangerous traps. She is congratulated for each success, but sometimes it turns out that the game is not what it appears to be, and she is being lured into bigger traps. As with any good game, there is an evil, insane character, a helpful guide, and plenty of clues to follow. There are rescues to be made, but are they traps too? And then, just when you think the game is won … but I am not going to spoil the tale!

Whenever we have a guest on The Dream Show, I know nothing about the dream until we begin the recording, so you hear the dream as freshly as I hear it, and you get to listen in to the whole process of working through a dream and applying dream alchemy. As often happens, people have a specific dream in mind when they volunteer to be a guest on the show and then, the night before the recording, they have a big dream which feels like the right one to bring to the show. This was Juana’s experience too. Listen.

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