Episode 129 The Dream Show: A bigger life

Episode 129 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

How can your dreams help you to live a bigger life, and what might that bigger life look like?

What kind of practical results can you expect to see when you understand a dream and apply dream alchemy? How might your relationship, work, finances, and communication – just for starters – change for the better, freeing you to enjoy a bigger life?

What kind of actionable ideas might you discover in your dreams? For inspiration we look at people who have become famous, or very rich, or who have received Nobel prizes by acting on ideas presented in their dreams.

How did Freud and Jung differ in their approach to dream analysis, and which saw the potential of dreams to awaken us to a bigger life?

And just how big can a big life get? If we delve deeper into those dreams that delivered ideas for best-selling books or successful commercial applications, are there even richer rewards these dreamers could have gained from deeper analysis of these same dreams?

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