Episode 128 The Dream Show: When redundancy threatens and nightmares begin

Episode 128 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Around 20,000 public servants with permanent or long term contracts in Brisbane are expected to lose their jobs over the coming weeks. Some already know their fate, while others turn up to work each day not knowing whether their job will be axed or retained. What kind of dreams are they experiencing as they go through the mix of fear, despair, and perhaps even, for some, a little excitement as they contemplate new opportunities ahead?

My guest is Belinda Reed, founder of The Day Brightener and Servant Hearts. As a Brisbane public servant going through this experience herself, Belinda created a new blog, www.servanthearts.wordpress.com and an associated Facebook page to help provide support, advice, inspiration, hope and heart for her colleagues and co-workers, many of whom are sleeping badly and experiencing nightmares and unsettling dreams.

I invited Belinda onto The Dream Show to discuss the kinds of dreams her colleagues are experiencing, to help people worldwide who feel anxious about the security of their jobs, or who are in the process of being let go.

Belinda brings specific dreams to the show. There’s one from a woman who dreamed of chopping off her hair, and one from a man who dreamed of being on a bus of unsure destination. Other dreams included one about a hotel eviction and one about a rainy, flood-threatening day. And while you may read these short summaries and feel that their interpretations are obvious, the value in understanding these dreams at a deep level is that each dreamer gains specific insight into the aspects of their mindset that determine the way they view, experience, and respond to their situation. This leads to new awareness and the choice – aided by dream alchemy exercises – to experience the same situation in a less stressful, more constructive, and potentially richly rewarding way.

Whether you have job worries or not, there’s plenty to learn in this episode about dreams, why we have them, how they relate to waking life, and how we can use them to transform our waking life experiences for the better.

Listen, enjoy, and please share.

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2 comments on “Episode 128 The Dream Show: When redundancy threatens and nightmares begin”

  1. Dorothy Martinez

    Please help me. I have had this recurring “dream” and I am so frightened. I hate when it happens and do not know what to make of it. This usual;ly happens when I am alone in my living room, or when I sleep with my closet door open. I know– sound weird. But very true. It feels like I am paralyzed and that my breath is being sucked from me. I cannot open my eyes although I fight to wake. I feel like I open my eyes but am in a haze and “fall” back in. I am aware of my surroundings but am not alone. IDK what this means or if this is a dream at all. Dont know anyone to answer me — please help if you can. Dorothy 830-890-5045

    • Jane Teresa Anderson

      Hi Dorothy,

      I recommend you read this ebook:

      This experience can be caused by your mind/brain starting to wake up while your muscles are still relatively inactive. (When we fall asleep, our muscles become mostly inactive to stop us from acting out our dreams. Our physiology keeps us safe.) So you may be waking up and being aware of the room but unable to move, and then panic sets in which adds the feeling of not being able to breathe to the feeling of paralysis.

      When you have a frightening dream, the fear hormone – adrenalin – is released into your body, so you really feel the fear as if it’s really happening to you. Fear can make us freeze (temporary paralysis) and leave us short of breath, so this is another likely explanation for your experience.

      Your dream may also be about feeling stuck in a certain situation, but I would need to talk with you about the other details in your dream to help you here. The ebook will shed more light on this as well as give you some alchemy exercises to help.

      Jane Teresa

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