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Dream it Do it, Jane Teresa Anderson

Jane Teresa Anderson’s second book, published by Harper Collins in 1995, now available as an ebook.

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Have you had a dream so enlightening, powerful or symbolic that it changed you forever? In Dream It Do It, dream researcher Jane Teresa Anderson shows you how you can interpret such dreams to change your life – for the better.

Forty-five dreamers tell of their life-changing dreams, and the author’s interpretations and insights show how dreams can empower you to make momentous decisions to change your life. Whether you’re looking for answers, need guidance on your health or wellbeing, want to release the past or are seeking to take control of your destiny, Dream It Do It will help you to transform the ‘nonsense’ of dreams into good sense.

Take charge of your future through your dreams. Jane Teresa will show you how you, too, can dream it – and do it!


Book extract

What kind of dream does it take to change a life? A number of the following life-changing dreams were exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but many started out as ‘just dreams’, of the kind we toss and turn over each night. We often forget that each and every dream holds transformative power if only we take the time to prise open its shell and find the pearl nestled within. The beauty of the pearl is apparent only in the light of day, its iridescent colour reduced to nothing but a functional blackness if left undiscovered.

Our dreams take the basic material of our lives and spin magical stories around it, producing pearls of wisdom from our errors, self-knowledge from our experiences, and beauty and value from our handling of life’s abrasions. The result, though, is nothing less than a smooth cover-up if we do not recall the dreams, or do not make the effort to bring their treasure up from the unconscious ocean and into the sunlight of our conscious day.

Seeking out the pearl in every dream, no matter how tiny and seemingly insignificant, eventually builds an accumulated wealth of valuable information which can be effectively used to trade ourselves out of one situation and into a better one.

Dreams, therefore, once understood and acted upon, may ultimately change our lives. This can be achieved through a series of small steps, such as gradual changes in attitude and perception or cautious actions in the waking world; or might come as mega-powerful, almighty milestones complete with clear directions to get us to the next destination on our personal journeys. Either way, a dream is ‘just a dream’ unless our faith in it is strong enough either to take action or to allow it to lead us. That is one thing which all the life-changed dreamers in this book shared: faith in the importance and relevance of their dream to their waking life.

So how can you make your dreams truly life changing?

Jane Teresa Anderson

AUD$8.80 (Australian dollars)
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