Success is flowing: update from Renee, episode 67

Success is Flowing Renees Update Jane Teresa Anderson

Renee, my podcast guest in episode 67,  asked me to share her news since having her dream interpreted on the show:

“I want to give you an update on how things have been since you interpreted two of my dreams.

I recently published a book called Perfect Feedback (Receiving the Answers From Within)! Yay!

After you interpreted my Reggie Bush (episode 67) and my Royal Blue dreams (private reading) I started to look inside more. There were some hidden and buried beliefs that I just did not want to face. I am a huge believer in inner beings, inner guidance, and spiritual guidance and I believe our dreams fall right into those categories. Because of your interpretations I have now acknowledged the real reason behind my work ethic. I tend to overwork myself and over do things because there was a buried belief that if money came easily then it had to be connected to evil, illegal, or ill-gotten ways. You pointed that out in one of my dreams.

I cannot begin to explain how that belief has shifted. Because of that, I have been able to ease up a lot and have started to let success flow to me (the easy way).

Also, you mentioned the tremendous value that I have inside of me. It has been a major struggle for me to open up, let my vulnerabilities show, and express myself. You showed me that our vulnerabilities are what make us special. I took that to heart. I then realized that I am so worthy of everything I have lined up for me.

I can’t believe it took a dream to show me that. But that’s what happens sometimes when we let others tell us that we are “less than” or “not worthy enough”.

I have made major steps towards changing the way I think. I can’t say I have it all figured out yet, but I can say at least I have started. My inner guidance had a message for me and you helped get it to me. I am so thankful. Keep doing what you do!”

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2 comments on “Success is flowing: update from Renee, episode 67”

  1. Margaret Reply

    Congratulations Renee! Your story has touched me and I had a peak at your book – love what you have written.

  2. Renee Reply

    Hello Margaret,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to take a peak. I really do appreciate it! I am so happy to hear that my story has touched you. I wish you all the wonderful things and success you have lined up for you as well! I say… If it excites you and makes you happy go for it! Thank you Margaret!

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