12 Key Questions to Help Interpret Death Dreams ebook

12 Key Questions to help you interpret your death dreams

Dreams of death, dying and the departed can be extremely scary but, once understood, death dreams can be most insightful and freeing.

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Your death dreams are symbolic: they are not related to actual past, present or future deaths, but are extremely meaningful about your own past, present and future. Dreams about death – once analysed – help you to see your best way forward. So don’t worry that your dream has predicted a death: that’s not what these dreams are about. These dreams hold the key to life (not death) – when you understand them.

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The 12 Key Questions

I’ve prepared 12 questions for you to answer to get to the bottom of your death dream. Every dream is unique, and I’ve designed these questions to help you interpret your death dream and lead you to a meaningful understanding of your own unique dream. I’ve left space after each of the questions so that you can print the book out, if you choose, and write your answers on the pages.


About Death Dreams

Following the 12 Key Questions that will help you to understand your death dream and give you deeper insight into your life and how best to move forward, I’ve included answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about dreams of death such as:

Can dreams predict death, illness and accidents? What does it mean when you are haunted in a dream and it feels real? What does it mean when you wake from a dream of being haunted and see or feel a presence in the room? What does it mean when you dream of your child dying? What does it mean when you see yourself dying or dead in a dream? Do friends and relatives visit you in dreams after death? What does it mean if you dream of a relative who has passed and they act uncharacteristically, are angry with you, or deliver a message? These, and many other questions about dreams of death and the departed are addressed.

I have also added a short article about the nature of dreams and why we dream. Enjoy.

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AUD$8.80 (Australian dollars)
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Jane Teresa Anderson

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