Dream interpretation results: Jeremy’s news, episode 50

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Here’s an update from Jeremy, my guest in podcast episode 50, The Dream Show.

You may remember Jeremy dreamed of being a passenger in a cadillac, feeling unsure about where he was being driven, and there was a question of whether he should take the two painful beauty injections on offer, a long shot and a short shot.

Jeremy writes, 7 weeks later:

“I hate to sound corny – but our 45 minute talk set into motion a lot of positive events in my life!

I didn’t notice any changes myself right away, but a few weeks after our dream interpretation my friends were saying things to me like “You look great, are you working out or something?” and “You seem different – in a good way – what’s up with you?” and I kept thinking “HUH That’s weird” until I started putting together what has been happening to me in the past 2 months.

The major highlight for me has been the surprisingly powerful results of the dream alchemy practice you gave me. Honestly I thought it was going to be too difficult to keep up with, but after a week or so it got easier and I can slip into that visualization so easily now. Doing the dream alchemy has given me a feeling of consciously (and unconsciously too I assume) being in the driver seat of my life. If that’s not a beautiful feeling I don’t know what it is! And in working with my dreams more, I’ve discovered that the needle – the long and short shot – was going to be so painful because I was trying to take two paths at the same time in my waking life! I was working towards the long shot (entrance exams + PhD applications + 6 years of study) AND the short shot (starting an internship + beginning research) at the same time. No wonder it was going to hurt – it was overwhelming!

Then, in future dreams the “beauty shot” changed, let me share a dream from 2 weeks ago:

I was on a treacherous snowy mountain trail, and everyone else in my party was in summer clothes and loving it, but I was freezing yet wearing a parka and winter gear. I struggled down a slippery trail and found an inviting cabin, and inside was a nurse who looked like my friend’s mother who’s very warm, creative, and beautiful. And she said it’s time for my shot, but it’s the latest version which doesn’t require an injection anymore and it’s a drink now.  The drink tasted like ginger and honey I remember, and it was very warming. And then I went outside the cabin and played in the snow with everyone else and it felt wonderful and not at all cold. And as we played the snow all melted quickly and in just a few hours (but not before a playful snowball or two was thrown!) it became a forest in springtime. I woke up with a feeling of pure joy.

My dream analyst skills are meager – but I think that means progress! The pain of getting the “beauty shot” for me was the process of getting there I think.

When it actually happens, maybe it doesn’t hurt so much after all.

Thank you so much Jane Teresa!”

Listen to Jeremy and I on episode 50

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2 comments on “Dream interpretation results: Jeremy’s news, episode 50”

  1. Dreamer88 Reply

    Jeremy – I’ve had these kinds of follow up dreams after an interpretation and alchemy with Jane Teresa and it’s mind blowing isn’t it?

    Wow – your dream was awesome and I’m so pleased for you.

    You get all A+’s from me for your Dream Interpretation skills! That is something outstanding to see the connection between the short and long shots – that absolutely makes sense that you were planning on taking on so much – oh god that would hurt!

    What I love too is how your follow up dream had snow melting into spring…and the drink of ginger and honey sounds really warming too. Not painful, just good, warm and fun. Go you!

  2. Jeremy Reply

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! I couldn’t be more pleased with how things are going with the alchemy.

    I didn’t realize the benefits to my life by listening to my dreams and working with them until talking with Jane Teresa (and the world I suppose!) in Episode 50. It was a game changer I think!


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