Episode 50 The Dream Show: The beauty shot

Episode 50 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Jeremy is my guest today with a dream he had on the eve of his 30th birthday.

He was eager for an interpretation because he was anxious, in the dream, about being in the passenger seat of a Cadillac, unsure of where the driver was taking him. He felt the dream reflected his anxiety about where life was taking him.

During the podcast you’ll hear Jeremy get really clear on where he wants to go, much to his surprise.

His dream presents him with a dilemma about a ‘beauty shot’, consisting of two painful needles – a long one and a short one. Will he face the pain to gain the beauty? And why does he look so goofy in those photos on the wall? Jeremy wondered whether his dream was about vanity on the eve of a new decade; far from it.

Listen as we unfold the dream and create the alchemy.

Listen here (Episode 50)

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