Episode 134 The Dream Show: Alchemy for all seasons

Episode 134 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

You’ve heard a lot from me about the healing power of dream alchemy, but can alchemy techniques be used for healing or personal development outside the realm of symbolic dreams?

To set the scene and remind you what dream alchemy is, there’s the story of a dream alchemy visualisation I did for one of my dreams many years ago, with powerful results. Then we move on to explore how dream alchemy can be used to treat PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) sufferers whose flashbacks occur as literal-replay nightmares.

Finally we look at using alchemy practices beyond the world of dreams. Instead of working with your unique dream symbols to reprogram specific unconscious beliefs, waking life alchemy, carefully created to suit individual needs, helps shift limiting unconscious perspectives. Waking life alchemy is something I’ve developed and offered in The Compass, (in both paperback and ebook format) and use regularly with my mentoring clients. In this episode, I give you a taste of waking life alchemy, a recipe you can take and apply to your situation. Let me know what results you get!


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(Ahem, although you’ll hear me announce this episode as Episode 135, it’s not. It’s 134. We only noticed when it was too late, all packaged and complete for you to enjoy.)


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