Episode 121 The Dream Show: Healing light

Episode 121 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

My guest, Gay, is keen to hear my take on a dream she had six months ago, a dream that profoundly changed her life.

Gay dreamed of moseying along a walkway from a dark museum castle into a room filled with a blinding light where she embraced her estranged granddaughter.

There are many deep and wonderful levels to Gay’s dream, its interpretation, its healing qualities, and we explore these as Gay tells her story.

This inspirational episode will deeply touch your heart, while guiding you – as all our episodes do – in developing your dream interpretation and dream alchemy skills.

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5 comments on “Episode 121 The Dream Show: Healing light”

  1. gay

    Thank you so much for having me on your podcast. Hearing it back was equally comforting and comfirming. Hearing the difference in my voice and hearing for myself how far I have come is amazing. Thank you for showing me that I am on the right path and that I have in me now, the power to help others. Please contact me, anyone reading this or listening to the podcast, who needs someone on the “other side” of the pain. I know when this situation iwth my son first happened, all I wanted to do was talk, and talk, and talk about it. That was my way of trying to understand. As this went on and on for me, a few years, unfortunatley, people kinda got tired of listening….If that is where you are, I will never tire of listening and I will always be there to not only listen, but to HEAR you. I promise.

  2. Gloria

    I was out walking when I heard this podcast and was deeply touched by it. It stayed with me for days so I ended up sitting down and listening to it again in quiet. Apart from the strong archetypal theme of separation and reunion, it had personal resonance on many levels, one of which was that recently my 93 yo stepfather was reunited with the granddaughter he last saw when she was 2 years old – all of 42 years ago!

    His son and daughter in law had broken up in 1970 and moved interstate separately, with the mother taking the 2 year old and giving birth to another little girl who she was pregnant with at the time of the split. My stepfather had never seen the second child. The oldest granddaughter had initiated the contact and had been searching for over 15 years.

    The daughter in law had eventually moved back home and when the stories were told, it turned out that there had been many close encounters with living and working situations. Sadly there was no news of the son whatsoever but I was there at the reunion of one of the granddaughters and her children and it was a truly joyous occasion. The other one is still interstate but the phone calls have been numerous.

    Some dreams are just meant to be shared and this is one of them, so thank you Gay for sharing it and I sincerely hope that you do reunite with your son and granddaughter. At 7 years of age you would undoubtedly be well established in her affections and those kinds of ties are not easily ignored. I am sure you are in her thoughts as much as she is in yours.

    I was also drawn to check out Jane’s blog that was mentioned in the podcast and that had another interesting result, which I will comment on in that blog.

  3. Gay

    Thank you so much, Gloria, I am amazed at your story, and pray that mine ends this way, but it’s not up to me. I do elieve that I will one day reunite with Sydney, and that it will be when she is of age. After a recent , and thankfully, successful battle with cancer, I have not heard from my son, but I know he was told about it at he time of my surgery. That is his choice to make, I have a life to live, and it is precious to me beyond measure. I will continue to hope my story will turn out as sweet as yours…bless you

  4. Gloria

    Gay, I can’t imagine what it must be like to have the mother son bond broken in such a way but you have shown that even the most soul destroying experiences can be transcended. This is what true courage is and to heal yourself while maintaining a hopeful but realistic outlook is, I’m sure, a true inspiration to those around you.

    Coincidentally, it was Father’s Day here in Australia today and when I went down to pick up my stepfather to take him to lunch, his granddaughter had called in on him unexpectedly and when we left, she gave me such a warm hug, that I felt like we’d known each other for life and again I felt so thrilled for my stepfather. I so wish such a reunion for you.

  5. gay

    ok, well i responded but it doesn’t show…Thank you for the reply..it is hard to think of my self as courageous at times, my husband gets to see the occasional weak and frightened Gay dislove into tears…but I am becoming a warrior in this battle and I want to spread the word about the symptoms and causes of uterine cancer to as many women as i can reach…
    Strength comes from the fire and being able to bend and not break during the storms comes from besin resiliant. You learn both, becasue to break is to give up and I will never, ever do that. No matter what…ever
    Today was my mothers 95th birthday, so we both had celebrations…your step fathersounds like a very special guy..wish he was closer..we could hook the folks up!!
    And es it is tough, but i spent 4 years grieving for that relationship and to survive I had to move on, now on the fifth anniversary, I am just so blessed to be a cancer survivor, the rest seems small in comparison. All things in their time.

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