Episode 122 The Dream Show: The beholder

Episode 122 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you see is what you get, depending on how you see it.

As your eye changes – as your experiences change – so does what you get.

Have you noticed how a favourite story from childhood is different when you reread it as an adult? Or how the message of a movie can change from one viewing to the next? Or how even a non-fiction book can seem to impart different information when you review it years later?

Beauty – and all other value judgements and interpretations of life – is also in the ear, mouth, nose, skin, mind, heart and soul of the beholder.

Have you noticed a difference in what you get from reading a story to what you get from hearing it?

If you’re primarily a visual person, you may feel you get more from reading an article than from hearing it, and if you’re primarily an auditory person the opposite will probably be true.

Yet the challenge of listening as a visual person focuses your attention in a different way, and what you get from listening may be quite different from what you get from reading. And vice-versa.

Test this by listening to this month’s episode, episode 122, in which I read four of my blog articles, all interlinked upon a theme. Oh, and of course there’s a bit of chat too.

This is what you get in this episode, depending on how you get it!

What’s the moral of The Princess and the Pea? If you were to sleep on twenty feather beds piled high upon twenty feather mattresses, would you feel the pea the Queen had placed beneath this luxurious mountain of a bed, and would you mention your discomfort to your royal hosts in the morning? There are life lessons ripe for learning here.

Far more uncomfortable than a pea under the mattress are those dreams where you feel over-the-top loss, devastation, rejection, betrayal, anger, or other painful emotions. Why do we have these kinds of dreams from time to time, and what do they mean?

In this episode, we also take a light-hearted look at life through the eyes of a dog and cat, explore how we interpret and misinterpret waking life, and interpret a dream at four different levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

This is a power-packed episode that will broaden and deepen your approach to dreams, and get you thinking again about the goals you pursue in life. Enjoy.

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