Dream interpretation results: Jennifer’s news, episode 47

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Here’s an update from Jennifer, my guest in podcast episode 47, The Dream Show.

Jennifer, a naturopathic physician, dreamed she was a contestant in a TV Top Model reality show, wondering whether she’d be eliminated in the final round. If you’ve listened to episode 47 (listen here), you’ll remember that Jennifer’s degree is in a new field, and she was experiencing difficulty in establishing recognition for her many years of academic training and medical expertise.

In her dream, Samantha, from Sex and the City, helped deliver the message that it’s good to get out there in public and do your thing, regardless of what other people think. No need for recognition permission first!

Once we uncovered Jennifer’s limiting beliefs, we created a dream alchemy practice to transform these so that she could move forward, beyond the need for recognition, to establish her unique career and thrive in wonderful ways.

Here’s Jennifer, reporting 3 weeks after the podcast:

“In my waking life I feel MUCH less stressed about my work viability.  I’ve been open to, and coming up with, some creative ideas about how I can put myself out there that are also philanthropic and feel really good at the same time.”

“First off, my dreams started responding one or two days later.  I’ve had a couple of dreams of being loved and accepted by people who’ve rejected me in the past, and whose rejection brought up feelings of insecurity.  I’ve also dreamt of finding extra rooms in my house and being so happy that I didn’t have to move out after all; that all I needed was to dust off and freshen up these gems of extra space to make them beautiful and usable again.”

“The last dream was a resolution to a dream I’ve had a few times in the last couple of months of going to buy clothes and being so excited but the store is closed or moved. I’ve had a similar dream since our podcast session of finally finding a store that had many dresses that I liked and could wear to the wedding event I was shopping for.

The visualization has been great but also more challenging than I’d anticipated. Thus I’ve started creating a poster board to hang next to my bed and to create a piece of jewellery representing my alchemy, hopefully to enrich the practice as well as reminding me to continue with the visualization.

Thank you so much for the fabulous interpretation and alchemy.  I’m looking forward to sharing more good news as this positive change continues to unfold.”

When you do dream alchemy, your dreams reflect your progress: Jennifer’s dreams confirm the transformation of her old limiting beliefs about recognition, self acceptance, security, inner wealth and potential, entitlement and image. Powerful stuff: and all in three weeks. I too look forward to Jennifer’s next update, and to seeing the results of those creative, philanthropic ideas she’s developing about how to put herself out there.

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