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Gravestone Dream Jane Teresa Anderson

I was interpreting dreams on Chippy and Step’s Morning Juice breakfast show on Radio HotFM WA 95.7 this morning.

One of the callers was Rebecca, who had dreamed she was driving along their main highway and had reached the point where they’re building a new road. So far, everything in the dream was as it is in waking life.

But then she noticed there were lots of gravestones lining the highway near where the new road departed from the old.

She particularly noted that these weren’t like the small crosses and flowers people place to mark where people have died in road accidents. These were substantial stones, like you see in graveyards.

It was clear from Rebecca’s dream that she was about to depart on her own ‘new road’ of some kind, whether that was a new job, new relationship, new attitude, or any other major new change, but her dream showed that there are things to lay to rest before she can really take that new road.

New beginnings require endings. We can’t begin a new attitude without ending the old attitude. We can’t begin a new relationship without ending an old one – well, we try, sometimes, but it doesn’t really work out well, does it?

Often we are so keen to move onto the new, that we neglect to ‘say goodbye’ to the old, or to simply take time to reflect on the past so we can let go. When we rush too quickly into the new, unresolved issues from the old can haunt us.

Rebecca confirmed that she was on the move. She had just finished studying and was taking new steps in life, and confirmed that there have been some big issues to deal with before she can really move forward.

Dream interpretation is step one. Next comes dream alchemy. I suggested this dream alchemy practice for Rebecca:

Write an inscription, as if for a gravestone, for each issue or ‘old way’ that you need to put to rest. A few words, or a longer eulogy. A loving goodbye, with thanks for lessons learned along the way. Then lay them to rest, release, let go.

What changes are you embracing in your world? Might a little alchemy smooth the way?

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