Dream alchemy results: Jennifer’s update

Jennifers Dream Alchemy Results Jane Teresa Anderson

Jennifer was my podcast guest in episode 47. She reported results after three weeks – her glimmers of gold – and has just emailed me with her final outcome.

Here’s the power of dream alchemy in action:

“The issue I’d been struggling with when we had our dream interpretation was my work and how to best continue practicing in a viable and enjoyable manner. I had been hoping for salaried work or for a private practice set up with open-minded conventional doctors to help build practice and teach people about medicine as being integrative not exclusive.  As I was in the  middle of deciding to move I came into contact with a company who went out of their way to bring me on as a salaried employee in the location I have just moved to.  Since this is part-time work I also have the opportunity to start a private practice. As of November I will be working with my old MD and 3 other physicians in their  medical clinic. They are very respectful and supportive of my work and looking forward to an integrative practice.  The owners of the clinic have been kind, completely down-to-earth and generous.

Interestingly, I’m staying in my childhood home as a temporary transitory space. Since I’ve arrived, the field behind my parents house has been tilled and bare like in my dream but the field next to it, the field where for some reason I’d been imagining my beautiful white sphere as assigned in my visualization exercise (dream alchemy), is full of corn that has gone from green to completely ripe since I’ve arrived!  I guess the universe is working with my psyche and our dream interpretation.

I’m no longer preaching to the barren lands but to an area extremely ripe and ready to harvest much earlier than normal.

Thank you again for your sharp insight and inspiration.  What a fabulous path you’ve chosen.  I’m so glad ours converged.”

When you do dream alchemy, things shift and change in ways that seem to conspire to produce results. Jennifer explained what happened in the lead up to her successful outcome:

“I had let you know earlier that I was thinking of beginning a part-time practice in the smaller city where I’m from and was feeling very peaceful with that.  Also I’d been having some great changes in my dream life.

Since then the universe decided to ‘help’ me along with my decision by way of almost slapping me in the face.  Within one week’s time, at beginning of the summer, a near family member had two separate medical emergencies while my landlords did a complete flip from their plans and out of the blue informed us they wanted their house back at the end of the summer. So with that, my husband and I decided to move back fully to our hometown to be with family and raise our little one near her loved ones.”

And that, as you have seen, is when the magic really started flowing.

Listen to Jennifer having her dream interpreted in episode 47

Read Jennifer’s original update,  3 weeks after being on the show.

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