Dream interpretation results: Kate’s news, episode 57

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Here’s an update from Kate who was my guest in episode 57 of The Dream Show.

Kate dreamed she chopped off her leg so she could look inside her calf muscle.

One major issue we uncovered was that Kate feared being seen as boring if she shared her true feelings, and she would work hard to be lively at work and in front of family and friends.

Four weeks after her interpretation and alchemy, Kate reported:

“Because I am no longer putting on a brave face and being honest with people, my relationships with others have improved.”

That week, her sister was going into hospital for major surgery.

“Now that I have stopped hiding the ‘boring’ parts in my life, I admit that I am scared. People have recognised the next month or so will be hard and we have had the most lovely offers of help!”

Two weeks later Kate added:

“My sister’s surgery went well, and looking after the little ones has been an amazing experience! A little difficult at times but lovely nonetheless. People have been very helpful and supportive, and I think it’s all due to opening up a little more. I was worried with opening up a little that life would be a little less fun, a little more serious, but it has made all the fun I’ve had so much more genuine, and so much more frequent!

The migraine is relaxing, and looking after myself means it doesn’t really bother me as much. And relaxing more means the Bowen is helping more.

I have also being getting regular Reiki treatments which have helped me learn how to heal myself in other ways. I am, or was, a singer songwriter but many years ago I had a very horrible experience and, since then, I have really struggled with writing, and even singing. I lost my passion for a while. But thanks to being able to heal myself, I can now write songs again, and I can sing now no matter what emotions I am feeling!

Finishing my course still feels like it is a while away, but I have been taking a break from it (from paying clients) and having no money does tend to motivate you! I feel like now I have verbalised that I am having trouble, half of the trouble I had is gone. I now actually do want to continue down this path and I am feeling like I can cope with the demands of the job as long as I hold my ground, only work certain hours, and make it a fair exchange of energy. And make sure I don’t take on clients’ issues! I have learned a lot by stepping back!”

You can listen to Kate’s dream, the interpretation and alchemy: episode 57.

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