Dream interpretation: What you did in my dream last night

What You Did In My Dream Last Night Jane Teresa Anderson

What do you think of me? It’s a serious question! You’ve come to know me a little through these tips. How would you describe my personality? Write your answers down. Now, imagine the answers other people have given. Do you think they might have picked similar descriptions to yours?

The chances are that there will be a variety of responses, because we all see people through different eyes, according to our individual experiences.

If you’re not convinced, try this experiment. Sit down with three friends, and together write a list of five people you all know, and five well-known people familiar to you all. Then each take a piece of paper, and write down three words describing the personality of each of these ten people. For example, you might describe one person as ‘shy, deep thinker, resentful’. Compare notes. How different were your responses?

We don’t really know other people as they truly are. We see them through the veil of our own life experiences. In this way, how we describe other people tells us more about who we are, than who they are.

It’s the same in dreams. When you dream of other people, it’s usually because your dreaming mind has chosen these people to represent the qualities you see in them. You might dream of someone you see as shy when your dream is exploring either your own shyness or – as is often the case – the opposite, your confidence.

People in your dreams are symbols. Psychic connections in a dream are extremely rare. How someone treats you in a dream is a product of your dreaming mind.

No matter how real the dream seems, always remember that people in your dreams represent your own beliefs and feelings, not theirs. So rather than be hurt or upset by another person’s actions in your dreams, ask what you can learn about yourself from the way your dreaming mind presents this person. Self-knowledge is power.

[Extract from 101 Dream Interpretation Tips, Jane Teresa Anderson]

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  1. Mrudula Reply

    I had a friend in school who used to come in my dreams. I used to visit her house, console her, encourage her and do different things with her.. First I didn’t understand why I see her always, as we are not such great friends and I am not in touch with her since a long time. After reading more about dreams I understood that the basic feeling I have for her is innocence and I visit my innocent and some what stupid self when ever I felt like that about me.. Great is the code language that we can only break..

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