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Watch My Lips Jane Teresa Anderson Dreams

What you need to know is right in front of you, and in your dreams, if you know how to look. The tricky bit is that the reason you are seeing a problem instead of a solution, darkness instead of light, is that your vision is blocked by your expectations, especially your unconscious expectations.

Your waking life and dreams are often speaking plainly, loud and clear, but the block distorts the message.

“Watch my lips,” we might say to someone who isn’t hearing the simple statement we are making because it doesn’t match their expectation of the moment.

One of Michael’s friends from way back handed her lotto (lottery) ticket to her newsagent to see if she’d won anything. He ran the ticket through the machine. “You’d better sit down,” he told her, handing her a piece of paper with the result. “Congratulations!”

She sat down, and read the print out. “$3,000, wonderful!” she laughed.

“Look again,” said the newsagent.

“Oh, $30,000!” she said, surprised at having misread it the first time, and rather excited at the timing of this much-needed gift.

“Take a deep breath, and read it properly,” insisted the newsagent.

“$300,000! It can’t be,” her heart fluttering, a little panic rising.

This was several years ago, in New Zealand, and she had just gone back into the workforce after having children, needing to make ends meet. In the space of a minute, she had gone from winning a celebratory $3,000 (a holiday, perhaps), to a debt-clearing $30,000, to the prospect of paying off their mortgage and buying a new house with the $300,000 winnings.

But can you guess what happened next?

“Look again,” said the newsagent.

She had won three million dollars. She had been unable to see all the zeroes at first because winning such a sum simply did not fit her expectation, and/or because the thought of having three million dollars raised confusion, worry and negative beliefs about being rich.

I smiled when she told me, a few weeks later, that the only thing she’d bought so far was a new pair of sunglasses (shades). A great way to view the world while accustoming to a new perspective! Which, she did, in the end!

I was reminded of this last week when a client sent me a dream about a ten year old boy who needed to be rescued from a weird cult, where they taught “false creationist theories”. (She was so surprised on learning what it meant that she offered it to me to share in public.) The boy in the dream was ten years old. “I was ten when my father died,” she told me. “My father, who later turned out to be my stepfather.”

Can you see the connection?

To me it was loud, clear, and obvious. Her dream was about the “false creationist theories” she was given, as a child, about her origins. She was falsely informed – or it was implied – that the man she called father was her biological father, responsible, with her mother, for her creation.

The rest of her dream showed how the emotional trauma she had experienced when she discovered the truth (or falsity) of her identity has been blocking her from moving her work into the public arena. She feels vulnerable about public exposure. The block has been her unconscious mind’s way of ‘protecting’ her from further hurt, even though life would be more rewarding for her today if she were freed from this ‘protection’. This was welcome information, and her new awareness combined with applying dream alchemy will break through the block and she will find herself moving forward comfortably.

Although she has known for many years that her father was, in fact, her stepfather, she did not know that she carried an emotional wound that was influencing the way she lives her life today. The wound was the block that blinded her from seeing, even as she described her dream to me, that her ten year old self had learned “false creationist theories”.

I love that dream symbols that can appear so weird at first glance make perfect commonsense when we look again and watch their lips.

Sometimes you can do that looking again and watching of lips yourself. Sometimes your block is too big, your expectations too set. That’s where I can help you, of course.

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  1. Abigail Reply

    What a coincidence! My dream last night involved going to an orange planet that had been recently discovered, and somehow the discovery of this planet “proved that evolution was true.” (But I was trying to tell people that science cannot “prove” anything, only disprove or support.) Ha ha ha. Then I read this article with someone else’s dream about creationist theories. I’ll have to dig into the meaning of this…

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