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The Day Brightener Jane Teresa Anderson

One of the joys of my work as a dream alchemist is to witness and celebrate the intense, skillful creativity that often accompanies personal transformation.  It’s as if the deep change the person experiences carries a healing energy that demands a more public expression and draws on latent talents to achieve this.  Awakened meaningful purpose finds its channel.

Here’s an alchemical gem from Belinda, a recent life coaching client, who has just launched a new blog, The Day Brightener. Here’s her story:

“A few months ago I realised that in my quest for career and family I had lost touch with my own spirit.  I thank grace for my husband, family and friends, and the wisdom of Jane Teresa Anderson, who through dream alchemy helped me realise I needed to reconnect with my cheeky nature. One of the first alchemy tasks was to write a story about ways I could do this.  Here is the final passage from my story.

Or maybe I could just be a “day brightener” for a workplace – wandering the floors chatting to people and being cheeky to brighten their day.  There are an awful lot of dark dreary work sites that could do with some cheering up.

This came from the sadness in my heart at how many people are mistreated in their workplaces.  I have encountered so many wonderful, warm-hearted people that are treated with disrespect and disdain, damaging their sense of self-worth.  I just wish there was a magic I could bring to make them realise how wonderful and treasured they truly are.

Then, like magic, from another dream, a little imp appeared.

The birth of HeHe. A sea anemone from Belinda's dream morphed into HeHe, The Day Brightener.

The birth of HeHe. A sea anemone from Belinda’s dream morphed into HeHe, The Day Brightener.

Like an instant gift he became He-He the Day Brightener. An alchemy task to write a blog about He-He resulted in the first of his adventures – Monday Morning Yellows.

From this first story a flood gate of creativity and inspiration has been opened.  It is like a veil has been removed from my eyes – everywhere I turn I see people, situations and scenes where the little yellow fellow can bring his love, hope and peace.  These become the material for my stories –  The Adventures of He-He The Day Brightener.

My wish is that these stories may bring a little brightness to your day.”

– Belinda

Visit The Day Brightener blog to read these stories.

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  1. Margaret Reply

    Love your blogs Belinda, looking forward to reading many more 🙂 How amazing is Dream Alchemy heh? We are so blessed to have Jane Teresa who assists us all to remove our blockages and therefore living much more fullfilled and authentic lives.

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