The best job in the world

The best job in the world Jane Teresa Anderson Dreams

Today’s the day the doors open wide for enrolment into the dream therapist professional certificate online courses at The Dream Academy.

Yes, we’re launched, and so delighted to welcome the first students whose names have graced the waiting list for the past weeks and months. They’re in, and happily exploring, and now we’re ready for – well, maybe for you.

I’ve been training students in the art and science of dream therapy for two decades, face-to-face in Brisbane, Australia, in the early days, then by Skype and phone internationally, always on a one to one basis. Late last year I decided to move the course into an online format to make it more accessible, and so that students can learn at their own pace, revisiting the videos, notes, and manuals as often as they wish.

First we needed a structure to deliver the courses, and so The Dream Academy was designed, created, and built by a dedicated team, and we began by offering two popular courses, How to interpret your dreams step-by-step, and Dream alchemy before I turned my focus to the professional training course.

At first I envisaged simply translating the course I had been teaching for all those years into an online environment, but I should have known better.

Every creative endeavour opens new challenges and new possibilities, and I ended up completely restructuring the original course, broadening and deepening it into two courses, as well as honing their accessibility. So it’s been a very big year!

I’m not going to use this blog space to describe the courses. You can read all about them by clicking the thumbnails at The Dream Academy store. Or watch the little videos below. As with all our courses, you can begin immediately upon enrolment, so if you have a passion for helping people through their dreams and want to become a dream therapist, or if you’re interested in adding expertise in dreams to your portfolio of skills and offerings, you can start right now.

As well as this launch, I’m celebrating 8 years of blogging this week, and most of the hundreds of blogs written since then are all about dreams, interpreting dreams, working with dreams, dream alchemy, and inspirational stories about life’s wonders and mysteries.

In the early February, my publisher, Hachette, is publishing my new book, and also in February we’ll reach episode 200 of our podcast series, The Dream Show. So this is quite an exciting period of celebration for me, as I hope it will be for you too if you choose to join me in having one of the best jobs in the world: helping people through their dreams.

Here’s a minute or so from me about the two new courses:


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