The art of dream interpretation

The Art of Dream Interpretation Jane Teresa Anderson

Ready for some instant personal insight into your life? Simply contemplate this image and let it speak to you. You may hear a response, you may not, but either way, after a minute or so, take this simple quiz (sorry, no longer available, 2016). You’ll get results.

And here’s the extra magic: if you apply this process to a freeze-frame image from one of your dreams, the results are even more powerful because you’re interacting with personal symbols that are vitally important for you at the time of your dream.

Intrigued? This image is one of many in my Dream Gallery (sorry, this was on my old website which is being downsized to a single page [2106] after nearly 18 years, now that has grown so much), a rich resource where I guide you through the images and ask you questions that deliver personal insight while teaching you about dream symbols and dream interpretation. Enjoy and share!

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