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See Through Anothers Eyes Jane Teresa Anderson Dreams

This morning I invited people on FaceBook to pick a number between 1 and 365 to get a reading from my book The Compass. (There are 365 readings in the book.)

Melanie picked number 309, ‘See through another’s eyes’. Here’s the full reading:





The view changes according to where you stand.



Which situation in your life seems to have reached stalemate?

Whose point of view seems unreasonable, or difficult to understand?

What exactly is the problem that needs to be solved? Imagine a dying man suggesting his solution to this problem. What might he say? Imagine his nurse’s solution. What would it be? What might be the point of view of: a homeless person, an abused woman, Buddha, a bank manager, a film director, your best friend, a big lotto winner, an environmentalist, a murderer, a drug addict, a physicist, a refugee?



You have already imagined the solutions and advice of the fourteen people mentioned in Clarity above (the dying man, his nurse, the homeless person and so on). If not, do it now. Next, for each character write one word or think of one symbol that summarises their point of view. For example, the dying man might have suggested you leave your day job and focus on getting more music gigs, so write ‘gigs’ or find a picture of your musical instrument to use as the symbol. The homeless man might have suggested saving to buy a house, so write ‘buy house’ or find a mortgage institution logo as the symbol. Arrange your fourteen words, symbols, or combinations of both, on a large sheet of paper in whichever pattern feels good to you. See if an overview, or new solution, emerges as you do this practice.

From The Compass – your guide to your best future, (eBook and paperback) copyright Jane Teresa Anderson

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  1. Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

    Here’s how Melanie responded to her randomly selected reading over on the FaceBook Fan Page:

    “Jane, thankyou so very much! I will do exactly as the reading suggests. That number just ‘popped’ into my head when I read your post this morning and I thought it was very random… now however it is very clear to me why it came to me. That will give me valuable insight and help me to work through what I have been struggling with. Thanks again!! M”

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