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Once Upon a Time Jane Teresa Anderson Dreams

Once upon a time, four months ago, to be precise, there were three venomous snakes – a red-bellied black, a brown, and a tiger snake. The three snakes appeared to Kim in a dream.

The next day, Kim asked someone the meaning of her dream, and was told to beware three dangers coming her way.

If you were Kim, how would you feel, and what would you do?

Kim worried. Naturally.

And then, during the Christmas week, she called me when I was interpreting dreams on Glenn Wheeler’s evening show on Radio 2GB, to ask my opinion.

In her dream, she had changed the sheets on her bed, and then saw the three dangerous snakes, all entwined, on the fresh, clean sheets. She calmly lifted them onto a stick and removed them from the bedroom. She felt safe. She then went to the children’s bedroom where there were also three snakes and did the same. Again, she knew they were all safe.

How would you interpret this dream?

The feelings in a dream are a major interpretation key. In her dream, Kim defused a potentially dangerous situation by remaining calm and taking practical, empowered action. The danger was gone. All was safe.

Dreams process the last 24-48 hours, so at the time of her dream, Kim faced three related (entwined) fears or situations she regarded as potentially dangerous, and, by remaining calm, dealt with them by taking appropriate action. If Kim had been asked, the morning after her dream, about which fears or dangers had come up for her, she would have recognised them and noticed that she had faced them with relative calm. Noting this, she would have felt more confident about facing other fears by remaining calm and taking appropriate practical action.

But Kim had missed this opportunity because her fears had been fuelled, rather than quelled, when she was told that the dream was a warning of three dangers coming her way.

Night by night, our dreams update our picture of life. At the time of her dream, Kim had made a change (represented by the change of sheets), a clean, fresh start, most probably a change in attitude. This change enabled her to see her fears more clearly and approach them with calm, practical resolve. What a win!

What an insight! What an encouraging formula to follow, to reinforce in the days that followed!

The dreaming mind often chooses snakes to represent fear – most people are fearful of snakes. And when we face our fears, we heal the pain that lies behind the fear. Such is the power of a dream to reveal the way to ‘live happily ever after’.

Clean, fresh sheets anyone? There’s a whole new decade beginning in a few days time, so how about it?

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  1. Beth Hale Reply

    Hi Jane,

    How precious are our dreams and how insightful. What a ‘gift’ and friend you are to all of us. Thank you Jane I am so glad I ‘found you”


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